Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick - where is my foil hat?!?!?!

We have been having trouble with our sattelite lately. First off, on many channels the voice is not synching to the lip movements. And for some reason that really bothers me. It makes me sort of nauseated, almost like motion sickness. I have problems when the motions of something don't make sense in my brain. Like when a person's facial expression and body language doesn't match what they are saying. It makes me very uneasy and anxious. I don't watch very many political debates - snork! Then yesterday we lost service. It was snowing heavily so a disruption was expected. But our signal strength was good and all transponders were accounted for. Hmmm. Dh went out and brushed snow off the dish, but said there really wasn't much there. A call was in order. Can I just say that I don't mind those voice recognition programs that direct your call? In fact, I like them better than the third country call centers that finally pick them up? Now don't get me wrong. I don't wish anybody any ill will. But it was quite frustrating trying to understand a person with a french accent piled on TOP of annother strong one (Pakistani?) and she was a low-talker to boot. I had to keep asking her to repeat her questions. I know she was getting frustrated with ME as well. After a very painful 20 minutes I managed to get across what the problem was, and she managed to direct me to complete certain tests. It turns out our programming was outdated. She had me turn the system off. A few seconds later, it turned itself back on and had a message that it was downloading new information and please not disturb the machine. My first reaction was "Hey, COOL!". No phone line needed or anything. Then all of a sudden I got the heebie jeebies. They can target MY machine and download programming. From amidst all the other transceivers, they could send programming directly to MINE, and pretty much instantly. I suddenly had an instinctual need to cover my head. Maybe the guy who wanders around downtown with a hat made of foil covered with a pillow case has something there. He says it is to protect him from "the rays". I wonder if it works the same if the foil is non-stick and the pillow case has Dora the Explorer on it?

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hensteeth said...

It does always creep me out when they can fix the tv's woes from their equipment to mine.

I think this goes way past who's listening in on our phone calls or fixing our tvs. Remember hearing about the smart refrig of the near future that will be able to tell you when you are short on bread?

It's only bound to get creepier.