Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two refreshing things

Today, two simple little things have totally refreshed me. First off, it is incredibly cold outside, but the sun is out shining brightly. So bright, in fact, I have a hard time convincing Ruby that she cannot stay out there for the entire day, even if she is black and sometimes seems solar powered. Her little paws get so cold, but as soon as she comes in and warms up she wants out again! I so needed that sunlight. For a while there, I didn't think I was going to make it. We had such a long stretch of grey and dark. I like the winter fine, but it doesn't have to look doom and gloom ALL the time, does it? But we can actually sense the days getting longer, and the sunlight has come back. At least for a while. It wasn't even noon yet when Ruby, Jasmine, and I decided a nap in a sunbeam was just the ticket. And let me tell you, a liesurely and comfy nap it was! We each had our own spot in the sun and we didn't fight or anything LOL. Then, I decided to have an apple. Nothing major, is it? But for some reason, the bright taste in that little tiny apple was as rejuvinating as that sunbeam. I think they might be spartan, but don't hold me to that. The name was accidentally cut off and thrown away when the bag was opened. The skin was a tad tough and the flesh just a touch softer than I like in an eating apple. But the taste was quite apple-y, just the right amount of sweet. Ruby agrees (yes, she got a bite ROFL). We keep apples in the house, but usually not for the people. Oh, I buy good quality apples mind you. But between the bird and the hamster, and the occasional slice for Ruby, the animals eat more than their fair share of the fruit that comes in the door. That would be because I am a sucker, in case you were wondering ;). Want another example? I saw containers of those little baby kiwis. The ones that can be eaten whole, kind of like grapes. I love those little things. At the cheapest they are $2.99 for a small clamshell package (what, a half pint I think?). So a splurge for sure. Well, it turned out that Sparkle really likes those little kiwi's too - more than she likes regular kiwis because she can hold them better and doesn't get her paws sticky. Guess who has eaten the lion's share? Again, because I am a sucker and a pushover. Sparkle AND Frankie would push you over for broccoli too, so when I do buy it they eat it while it is fresh. Then I eat the remainder once it fades - I can't waste it because fresh is sooooo expensive here. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Who am I kidding, I am just glad that finally I have somebody to share my veggies with.

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Nevis said...

Does Ruby like the kiwis??