Monday, March 31, 2008

About that chihuahua

Some of you have asked what I said to Ruby in the video. I am, in fact, asking if she would like a chihuahua for christmas ROFL! I have blogged about it before, that I had jokingly said it to her once while telling DH I was thinking about getting one to keep Ruby company. He said she didn't want one, so I asked her. Apparently, in pug (which is supiciously close to klingon in some respects) that sentence roughly translates to "Ruby, do you want to come with us?" and elicited such a dance of joy that we couldn't deny her a car ride. So of course, like all things funny, we would say it often. Whenever we were going on a car ride and she could come with us, mostly. But a few times just to see what she would do. Somewhere along the line she has realized that the mirth that ensues is directed AT her and we are not laughing in the glee that is going for a car ride. And once she figured out we were laughing at HER, well, she was not amused LOLOL. Now when we say it we get the crazy eyeballs, and she will snap her head around to see if you are laughing at all. Poor thing. We've ruined her for chihuahuas ;). I have earth shattering news for you all. I cleaned the bathroom. That's right. I even cleaned the disgusting bath tub. Do men just have some sort of filter that makes it so they do not see a disgusting soap scum ring around the tub? DH is the only person I know that can clean the bathroom but not touch the sink, toilet, or tub while doing it. Oh yeah, and not clean the floor either. So what exactly is he cleaning in there? Maybe I don't want to know. I am having such a sweet craving today. Not for candy or chocolate (of course not, since there is a hundred pounds of the stuff available to me from DD's easter baskets) but for some kind of baked good. I don't know what exactly. Not a blueberry muffin or a donut. Not cake. Definitely not pie *shudder*. Maybe puff pastry with custard or pastry cream, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. Now THAT would be good. In a pinch, I think a crappy Passion Flakey would do. I don't often crave sweet things, so I am almost afraid to ignore it LOL. Another thing I managed to accomplish today? Bean soup! I was given some leftover easter ham. I personally love ham and eggs or even just eating it cold as is, but DH and DD are not fans (although in general they LOVE ham) and usually aren't into casseroles. Small pea beans (they looked like the beans in pork'n'beans once they were done soaking, which I thought were navy beans but those are bigger now that I think of it), one carrot tourned into chunks, one onion cut into quarters, and enough water to cover. Once they were cooked I added some pork flavoured bouillon cubes I had, which worked really well since I didn't have a ham bone to make my own ham stock. Added a bit of thyme and a pinch of rosemary, one garlic clove mashed with salt, and a dash of sherry vinegar. Stirred in the chopped ham and let it all simmer until it was a little thicker and the flavours blended a bit. I like my bean soup relatively brothy. Still hearty, but not too thick. And it is gooooooooood! It will get better as it sits too, I can already tell. Some of it will go into the freezer, and a container or two will be sent to the person who donated the ham to the cause. The rest? Mine all mine! Bwa ha ha haaaaaa! DH and DD have expressed interest in it - they could smell the intoxicating aroma when they came home. I quickly stated it had carrots and onions in it and lots of veggies and they wouldn't possibly like it at all. In fact, it was gross and I was thinking about just dumping it out. No, they don't want any of it for sure. They wandered away as I did the evil hand clasp, and I think they are suspicious. I'll have to put a lock on the soup pot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ruby video and story. That look she gave really cracked me up! I've had my Ruby fix, I'm now satisfied!


Anonymous said...

How about a lovely rassberry fool?
Custard, ladyfingers & rasberry jam?