Thursday, March 27, 2008

Come poke my eyes out

I cannot take this weather any longer. One day it is bright and sunny and warming up, the next it is windy and cold, and now they are forecasting another winter storm. Now, I don't care really either way if we have snow. But do I have to get a banging sinus headache every time the weather changes? And this one is a doozy. Cheekbones pounding and eyes watering, and my jaw is stiff and achy. It hurts to talk because my face moves too much. Medication is just taking the edge off, and heat packs around my neck are helping but they make me fall asleep almost instantly. I suppose cooking my brain is not the best strategy but I am getting desparate. DD however is taking full advantage of this opportunity. See, it hurts to yell so she pretty much has free reign. Last night she re-arranged the family room so that she could have more room to play beach ball volleyball off the picture wall. Double points for hitting the flat screen tv hard enough to make it rock. Triple points for scaring the fish half to death at the same time. She also moved the furniture on the porch so she could play with her skip-it, and at some point filled her sled (which was half full with melting snow) with the potting soil from the strawberry pots. In other words, it is now filled with black mud. She left black foot prints all over the porch and across the kitchen floor. Thankfully, she didn't make it to the carpet before I forced the boots off her feet. She resisted doing her homework for a full two hours, and ate her weight in candy. If I am not more vigilant and oppressive tonight I'll have to hire help lest she take over the house completely. I wonder what the Hell's Angels are doing later. Ruby is loving it also. Not only does she get to scrounge through candy wrappers in search for tidbits, but there has been lots of couch-cuddle time. Her favourite thing! Especially when she can steal a corner of the hot pack. When she gets overheated she gives out a great "Harumph!" and trounces across my body to the end of the couch where she lays fully extended. Best warm-belly to cold-couch cushion contact that way. After she cools off for a while, she yawns and stretches and galumphs back up my body and plops down where ever she feels like it. Sometimes that is across my face, sometimes that is directly on an internal organ, and more oftan than not I end up with pug toes in my belly button or a curly tail in my face. But as long as she is comfortable. Sheesh! The cats were driving me crazy as well. If it wasn't Jasmine sitting on my chest, stifling me and drooling on whatever she could, then it was Xena scuttling across the top of the couch like some deranged crab creature or delivering run-by-swattings. I crumpled up some paper balls and tossed them, hoping to distract the cats away from my prone body. However it seems I have just armed them with projectiles to bounce off my head from across the room. They cross my body like a bridge to retrieve said items, then dig their claws into whatever tender part is handy and use me as a springboard. I have to rethink this strategy before every inch of skin is covered with claw-pokes, paw shaped bruises, or drool. If this headache doesn't go away soon, I just might beg the cats to eat my eyes and be done with it. We all know they want to.


Anonymous said...

Too bad SuperNanny isn't available for you!

colleenoz said...

Have you tried standing in a hot shower with the hottest water you can stand on your face? I find this helps my sinus headaches. Or a basin of boiling water with some Friar's Balsam in it, head over basin to inhale steam and a towel over the whole ensemble to keep the steam in.
You have my sympathies.

Just the Right Size said...

I also use those sinus heat packs that you throw in the microwave. The only problem is they eventually get cold and you have to reheat them! A heating pad works good too if I have sinus pain on one side, then I just lay it on the pillow and lay my face on that side.

When all else fails, Vicodin works wonders! No joke! I have some left over from a surgery I had a year ago and use it as an "in case of emergency, last ditch effort" sort of thing.

I get sinus migraines, which pretty much lay me up for three days at a time. I feel your pain...literally!