Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drizzle drizzle drizzle

What a cold and yucky, mucky rainy day. My sister came back from Mexico late last night, and I am sure she is not happy about the weather here. Then again, I haven't spoken to her yet so she might have had bad weather there LOL. Though I seriously doubt it. The socks are going okay so far. I have the cuff done and about two inches of leg. I want to do an inch more before starting the heel. Not LONG socks, but long enough that they keep some draft from going up my pant leg. Re-arranging the balls of yarn as I turn the needles has been helping me keep from getting tangled up, although there was one incident where Ruby when tromping across my lap, pulling yarn from both balls. Before I could do anything she spun around (twirling the yarn together like spaghetti around her legs) and laid down. Arrgh! It was a trial, untangling it from her legs but holding her so she couldn't jump down and pull it any farther, and it was getting caught between her toe pads and when I tried to free it she got bitey, and it just wasn't at all pretty. According to DH it was funny, however. Man should be careful what he laughs at, considering there were FOUR dangling needle points to be poked with. I got it all figured out and cleaned up. Then I was stupid enough to leave it on the couch when I was making dinner, and DD tossed it onto the coffee table in a jumble. Apparently she needed that exact spot to sit in while watching a rerun of Hannah Montanna. Sheesh! I'll work on it later, I don't have the heart to do it right now. So far I am still undecided about whether or not I like the two-socks-on-two-circs method. Parts of it seem almost unbearably fiddly and awkard, but then again that it what I felt like the first few times I used DPN's. This pair is worsted weight, and I am VERY glad I didn't decide to attempt my first try with sock weight yarn. I would have lynched myself with the cables before I even got both sides cast on for sure. In other news, I want to post for the record that I have proved once again that any kind of housework is hazardous to my health. While carrying a package of toilet paper up the stairs last night, the plastic gave way on me. The package fell between my legs and the stairs just as I was taking a step up, and it tripped me. I went flying forward and landing with a big SPLAT at the top landing of the stairs. I managed to bang both shins, and skin both my elbow and my palm on the left side. And to add insult to injury, as I sat there rubbing bruised shins and wondering what the hell just happened, the toilet paper package slid back all the way down the stairs with a SHH-BUMP SHH-BUMP SHH-BUMP and landed farther away than where it had started. Either I need to knit myself a toilet paper package carrier with secure handles and a safety net, or I should forever more abstain from carrying items up the stairs with the intent to put them away. After all, the package of 24 rolls has been sitting in the kitchen for over a week with no injuries recorded. What was that, buy smaller packages? Sorry, that wouldn't work either since it gets used up here so fast. I believe DH and DD eat it. Why, it wouldn't be home if one or the other didn't shout to me "I NEED PAPER!" so I can grab a roll from the package in the kitchen *cough* and run it up for them. Or go retrieve it from the cupboard in the off chance it actually made it in there without killing me first. So if you pardon me, I have to clean up from dinner. I promise to give the toilet paper package a kick on my way past, because no way am I taking the risk trying to bring it back up again! Who knows what the diabolical thing will do to me.

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