Monday, March 03, 2008

Pease porrige hot

I had a couple of cups of yellow split peas and decided to make some pea soup. I LOVE pea soup. I love bean soup. In fact, I love most soups LOL. Especially if they are homemade. I wanted a vegetarian version because I had no ham or ham bone, but I do like a smokey taste in my pea soup. I could have used a drop or two of liquid smoke, but I chose to use smoked paprika instead. I used a new brand of veggie stock cubes that I got using a promotional coupon for the broth. Big chunks of carrot and celery and onion, and just a clove of minced garlic. My soup was "okay". The peas I think might have been a bit past their prime because though they smooshed like expected, the skins are very gritty still and here were a few harder nuggets in there. And the veggie stock had a strong black pepper flavour, but without the heat kick of pepper. I think maybe in a chicken noodle type soup it would have been okay, but that flavour really took over the peas. In fact, I think it even masked the smokey paprika flavour a bit. All in all, it wasn't horrible and was better than crap from a can or a bowl of Special K. But it was a dissapointment because I had been so looking forward to a good steaming bowl of pea soup. Sigh. The stove is pre-heating for a batch of bread I am making, as we are having spaghetti and meat sauce tonight and I made some spinach dip from some leftover frozen spinach that will be perfect with the rest of the loaf. *Did I just admit to the world that I am basically planning on eating almost an entire loaf of bread and a batch of spinach dip by myself?*. I also have celery and carrots washed and cut in the fridge for enjoying while watching tv during the week. Took the opportunity to do some ahead while I had the stuff out for the veggies in the soup. Such efficiency! Other than that, not much to blog about today. My throat is sore, and I am afraid it is the start of strep throat again. It's getting hard to swallow and I feel a lump back there like something is swollen. I am going to take a motrin and do some gentle reading while sucking on a cherry flavoured vicks lozenge. Just a note - fishermans friend? Good gawd, the taste could make your hair stand on end. Especially the "original" flavour. I have some Ricola as well, but I just realized it is a citrus blend with grapefruit and I am not allowed to have it. Darn it! Oh well. I don't have a cough anyway so I guess the vicks is perfect for now. I am going in for blood tests this week and will get a swab done in case I need antibiotics, but for the moment I have to take these matters in my own hands. I have some strepcils, which will numb my throat but I hate how it makes my entire mouth and tongue numb. Emergencies only, for those things! Scream at your kids a bit for me, because I can't do it myself. Tee hee!

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Nevis said...

Sorry your soup wasn't that great. :(