Friday, March 28, 2008

Thanks for coming out

For those who made comments about the headache and those who sent e-mail advice, thank you! After it had snowed for a few hours (and I mean SNOWED. It was swirly large sticky flakes - like being trapped in a snow globe) the headache eased and right now I am twinge free. Hurray! However, since my body is a weather meter, it was replaced by a butt cramp ROFL. Sometimes when it gets colder like this I get a sort of crampy pinchy feeling in my hip. It can be mild and annoying, or like last night - my leg was giving out when I tried to walk. Basically something is spasming and touching something else and making my nerves and muscles down that side all whacky. But thankfully it was not achy and I was able to sleep once I was stretched all out. Today I stretched out on the couch with the hot pack along my body (I have a huge long one I made myself using cotton fabric and rice) and read for a good long while. Jasmine laid on me the entire time, clutching my hands with her paws and purring like a maniac LOL. Ruby was on the armrest at my head for part of it, but she wanted to lie on the couch. Only because the cat was on me she was jealous so SHE wanted to lie on me. Jasmine was taking ALL the room (She is a very large cat) except for a little bit of my chest. But how to get there? No room next to my shoulder to walk along the side of he couch. If she jumped down and came up from the bottom she would have to walk past Jasmine and she didn't want to do that. She finally figured it out, and it cracked me up. She walked across the BACK of the couch, turned around up there (picture a hippo turning around on a tight rope. It was tense for us all) and coming back the other way to position herself above where she wanted to be. Then she s-l-o-w-l-y slid down the back of the couch and landed on that small strip of body. Shhhhhh-plop! With a deep sigh she laid down across my chest. The overspill of course was on on my chin and I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. But it all righted itself in no time. Jasmine was giving her the grumpy cat look - complete with flat ears and sour puss face - and Ruby looked up, wagged her tail and gave her a quick pug kiss. Those kisses generally come with an appetizer of sniffing, a wet lick from the wrong side of her tongue, then a snot right in the face. Jasmine was completely disgusted with this pug display of affection but did NOT get down. She has jealousy issues of her own. She just shifted down more and gave the dog more room. Which I was grateful for because then I no longer had soft dog rolls on my face. As for being able to breathe, well, that was still up for grabs. Between Ruby and Jasmine I had about fifty pounds of animal on me. Xena is the little fairy fluff of the two, when it comes to weight. She tiptoes across you and you hardly know she is there. But if she would have decided to do it right then I probably would have smothered to death instantly. The sun is so bright right now that it has already melted most of what fell on the patio. I think we got a couple of inches all told last night. DH said the roads were nasty, considering that we just went through several inches of snow, and this was so little compared to that. I think it was the stickiness of the snow. Every time Ruby went out it would pile up on her and she would come in looking like a yeti. She is the only dog I know that LOVES being rubbed with a towel when she comes in wet. She will stand nice and wag her tail and look at you lovingly. But the minute she feels dry enough, look out! She will grab that towel and give it a good shaking. When you walk away to hang it up she jumps at it, snapping like an alligator at a jumparoo show. This afternoon and evening I plan on working on some knitting that I have been neglecting. I have barely touched the socks since the last update and I should get my arse in gear finishing another piece that is a present. The date is fast approaching on that one and I am only half done, on a project that gets bigger as you go. The second half takes twice as long to finish as the first. When will I learn to make certain projects top down? That way it only gets easier as you go along? For an intelligent person sometimes I am so dumb it astounds. We have a "do" tomorrow for somebody that works with DH. I think on Sunday I might insist on visiting a local greenhouse. I need to see some green and smell some dirt to refresh my soul and convince it that spring is coming. I mean, two days ago I was romping in the garden looking to see what sprouts were starting - and today DH was shovelling the driveway. I am so ready for spring and green things and fresh food and light breezes. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh spring time in the green houses and looking longingly at plants that I can't put outside... oh well... soon!!!