Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I broke a bit of history

Sort of. I opened a cupboard and something fell out (a mini muffin pan that is kid sized) and smashed an antique blue glass canning jar. I LOVED that jar. It was the kind with a bubble lid that is held on with a wire bale. The glass was very thick and sort of wavy - like it was hand crafted. Every summer since I bought it I have made fridge pickles in there. I have also used it many times to make and store home made yogurt. I loved loved loved it. The place where the pan hit it shattered, almost powdered. And many large splinters came off. When trying to pick it up to assess the damage, a huge spike of glass poked my finger. I didn't even see it! The cut was small, but deep. Not stitches deep or anything. But it bled for more than three hours. Every time I thought it was done bleeding and looked dried up, it would start again unexpectedly. One time I didn't even realize it until DD pointed out blood drops on the floor! Dh was a bit freaked out (there was a LOT of blood from a small cut) and checked it over for me to make sure there was no glass left in it. He also washed it with soap and poured on some peroxide. We just watched the ER we taped last week, I guess he was feeling doctorish LOLOL. I paid an embarassing amount of money for that canning jar (that had no real collectible value, BTW) but I fell in love with it the moment I set eyes on it's glistening shape in an antique store. The colour was stunning, the uneven glass was endearing, and the trapped bubbles in it's sides and bottom caught the light in a delightful way. Yes, I am waxing poetic about a canning jar ROFL. But now it is gone. Too bad. So sad. Sigh. That is all for today because my finger is sore LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Dances, love your blog and also read on the KitchenTable. Have several of the blue jars from my grandmother and would love to send you a replacement.Somewhat computer challenged in contacting you for address ...or if you would like a replacement. Betty in North Carolina