Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mmmm Mmmmm carrot cake!

Years ago I made my first carrot cake using a recipe from one of Mom's cookbooks. It was to DIE for. I never knew that was what carrot cake tasted like! Sweet, a bit of spice, and a sort of creamy aftertaste. Yum yum. Being as there is a LOT of oil and sugar in carrot cake, I do not make it often. Maybe once every ten years LOL. But I do love this recipe. Once in a while I try it if I see it (at events like showers, or in restaurants, that sort of thing) but it is never as good. Usually it is so moist that it is sodden, way too sweet, and *shudders* has hidden raisins. Plus I prefer it unfrosted - never got a taste for that cream cheese icing most people slap on top. I decided to make it yesterday. I figured I would cut it into servings and wrap it, so DD can eat it for snacks and take it in her lunch box. Yes, there is a lot of oil. Yes there is a lot of sugar. But there are also carrots and pineapple so I have to believe there are SOME vitamins and fiber as well. Even so, I found I just could NOT make myself use the original amounts of oil and sugar after all, and halved them both. It is still very good. I overbaked it (duh, never adjusted the time considering the change in ingredients) but I can tell that next time - and there will be a next time - it will be perfect after a shorter bake time. It isn't there yet, but I am working on adding it as a recipe in my recipe links. And I have also decided to go ahead and post the "no knead" bread recipe. I generally wouldn't post what I consider to be copyrighted recipes (for example, if you need to buy a magazine or book to get it, or it requires a paid subscription to an online site) but since the one is not really available any more - and it is just TOO good to die - and the other has been published just about everywhere including newspapers....well, what could it hurt. Look for them in the next coming days, in case I don't get to finish it today. DH is on afternoons so bugs me all day, and DD comes home soon after he leaves and bugs me all evening. In between Ruby bullies me and the cats do their "pay attention to me" song and dance. Things take long in Dances land. Is there anybody else in the universe that LIKES shredded wheat? Not even the ones that are frosted on one side. Just the plain squares. I prefer the LITTLE squares because they taste toasty to me. And I just tried the ones that include bran and they are really good. I like them with milk and blueberries (or just a bit of sugar). But I also like to eat them dry - maybe with a cup of tea on the side. The best? Stale raisins (meaning chewy. I cannot eat a soft raisin without gagging unless it is in our family raisin bread) and plain spoon-size shredded wheat squares. You take one or two raisins and chew them up with a square. The crunchiness of the square hides the texture of the raisin and the moisture and sweetness of the raisin makes it possible to eat the shredded wheat dry and not choke to death. Good stuff. DH and DD think I have lost my mind. They claimed, after trying a square straight - that it sucked all the moisture out of their heads and almost killed them. Amateurs. Okay. All of this posting about food has made me hungry. Off to eat lunch! Something incredibly exciting like leftover rice and veggies. Sigh. Somebody make me a brie and spinach panini and deliver it, with a cup of homemade soup. 'Kay?

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colleenoz said...

Hi Dances! I often make my carrot cake with applesauce instead of oil (same amount) and it tastes exactly the same. It's very popular (I make it for a cafe sometimes) and no-one has ever commented about the lack of oil!