Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not the best time for a finger pick

There won't be any glucose testing today. No sirree. I just finished eating an entire Spongebob Squarepants sized rectangle of sponge taffy. I LOVE that stuff. The way it sort of bubbles and dissolves into a chewy mess that cements your teeth together. The sort of salty taste of the soda. The hint of bitterness from the carmelized sugar. From the middle comby section to the outer, dense, crunchy part I love love love it. If I were to do a finger pick now, the glucometer might blow a gasket ;). It is absolutely beautiful outside. There is a bit of chill in the air still, but if you stand in the sun it is wonderfully refreshing. I smells like spring out there. Finally! I just hope that by saying this I don't tempt the karma gods into starting a fresh new snow storm. It has been known to happen. Remember a while ago I posted about looking for a certain game, and that I must look threatening because I scared the patootie out of a woman that found it but was afraid to tell me? Well, I have decided I must truly look threatening and/or shifty and that it has nothing to do with the coat at all. I didn't have it on today. In fact, I am wearing a perfectly reasonable and acceptible outfit. A "mommy" outfit. Loose fitting jeans, an apple green plain t-shirt, and a normal person plain sweater. I had to go to a government office, and parked in a pay lot. The kind where you pay up front by the hour. A gentleman came up to me and said he had over an hour left on his ticket, and offered it to me. I thanked him and gladly took it. I always say a little kindness goes a long way but sad that too few people show it. Well, I was in and out in about five minutes and it seemed a waste not to pass the ticket on again. So I waited a minute or two until I saw some people pull in and park. And do you know what happened? NOBODY WOULD TAKE IT. I mean, it was offered to five different drivers. I think they thought I was trying to scam them. For heaven's sake I wasn't even wearing my old shoes, and my hair was clean and decent looking. Perhaps what I think is a reasonable outfit in my eyes screams "Crack whore" to passer's by. You would think I was trying to SELL the darn thing. So much for paying it forward ROFL. Oh well. There are a few more crumbs of toffee in the bag to kill the pain - tee hee! Anybody want to buy an expired parking stub? I need money to make a sign "Will work for sponge candy".

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