Monday, April 21, 2008

Now cut that out!

Hey you, earthquake. STOP. I know that we aren't directly effected and that the parts of Canada that did feel it only had minor tremors. But I am convinced that you are the reason that we have been woken up two separate nights (as it happens, coordinating with the original quake and the aftershock episode so far) with odd happenings. The first night, we were sleeping with the windows open. There was a robin that was awake and squawking and DH and I had a little conversation about why he would be awake at night, but then drifted off. At about 3 am, all the birds outside were going so crazy that it was almost deafening! I woke up thinking that somebody was playing a tv or radio or something in my room at full volume. I had to shout at DH to ask him what was going on, and his answer was "What? I can't hear you!". We had to close the windows. The birds were still going ape out there, but at least it didn't sound like they were IN the house. The next morning we heard about an earthquake, and did a sort of "Hmmmmmmmm". Last night (or should I say this morning?) at almost 6:00 am DH and I were roused from our sleep by an odd, electric, buzzing noise. It was clearly coming from inside the house, but it wasn't an alarm clock or fire alarm or anything like that. DH went down to look around and discovered a pool toy (a frog fountain that floats on the water, spins, and spits) had somehow turned itself on and was running. Now, that frog has sat on that shelf since we put it there in the fall. And this is the first we have heard from it. The morning news talked about people feeling afershocks from an earthquake. Coincidence? Is it possible that there was the barest of motion all the way over here, just enough to shake little froggy awake but too subtle for the rest of us to notice it? Whatever is going on, I hope we are done with night time shenanigans for at least a little while. Trust me when I say I need my "beauty sleep".

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