Monday, April 07, 2008

Of pug dogs and little kids

Well, first off, Ruby is feeling a bit better. She is perkier, wants to play, and has the curl back in her tail. She still isn't eating though, and her breathing is still quicker and shallower than I like. She will take a different brand of food if I hand feed it to her kibble by kibble and still wants treats for going outside and forages for crumbs on the floor. She ate a piece of lint this morning. How on earth am I supposed to answer the vet when he asks how her appetite has been? SHE ATE LINT but turned her back in the food bowl. Sheesh. DD is home sick today. She developed a cold over the weekend. Nothing overly serious, but she has a runny nose and cough and SOUNDS like she is dying LOL. No fever, and she is acting normal - which means I am having a hard monday LOL. So far I have cooked like seven meals, cleaned up more messes than I can count, and if I hear "Mom! Can you bring me...." one more time I might have to go and sit on the porch for a little while. Rocking and babbling may be part of the entertainment. We went to Costco yesterday to get meat. The prices in the grocery store are skyrocketing and their meat just looks gross to me. It's been more than two weeks and we have used every scrap of what we had in the freezer. Even the ground pork that has been there forever because it looked too fatty. I was amazed how low the Costco prices were, and their meat (especially the chicken breasts and pork) is always excellent. I don't know that I have ever bought beef there, but the Lillydale chicken breasts are pristine, and their pork is always tender and juicy with nice thick chops. DH was a bit disgruntled (he hates it there when it is busy and he hates it there when it is not because it creates needs for things we don't have room for and shouldn't be spending money on) but when he discovered it was sample day, he was less upset. He didn't even complain about waiting in line for five minutes to get a two centimeter square of pizza LOL. And it was quite entertaining for everybody around us when he popped a piece of spanikopita in his mouth and discovered it contained dill. Whoo-hoo, that was FUN-NY! He couldn't spit it out and couldn't swallow it whole, which forced him to chew it so he could taste it really well. There was shuddering and grimacing and he even did a little troll-like dance. I was laughing my butt off with tears streaming down my face. He wanted to know why I didn't warn him. How could I? I never take free samples even if it is something I absolutely love. I have overcome many of my germ phobias, but the strongest ones (bathroom and food, food and garbage, and free samples) still remain. Now mind you, my reaction is much much tamer than it used to be BM (before medication LOL). Yes every single brain cell still screams and sometimes I may even emit a shriek, but in public I can now just politely decline something and not shrink away as though they are offering me a hit of syphylis. It's all about degrees of craziness. Getting out of the place was frustrating and the lines made it hard to even get close to the checkouts and it seemed like everybody not only had a full cart but had one or two issues at cash out. Cards didn't work. Didn't want to renew expired memberships. A little short so picked and chose items to be removed from the bill - and so on. When it was finally our turn, our cashier had to stop and make a deposit and for some reason was having difficulty counting. I was ready to go get another piece of spanikopita for DH so we would at least have something entertaining to watch while we waited. Well, everybody except for DH. But I figure it's time he took one for the team, don't you? Bwa-haa-haaaaaaaa! DD just walked by and peeked in. She is wearing her snow white costume, my old high heels (four inch heels, flash dance era), and a green and pink leopard print sun hat. She is also carrying our yoga ball and heading for the good living room. Methinks I better go save the fate of my glass coffee table. I might need to sit on the porch earlier than I thought.

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Parhelia said...

I think you might be on the right track with the bladder infection. Has the doctor tested her urine pH? Some of the things you describe are classic kitty symptoms for a UTI. My kitty just had surgery for bladder stones. She kept getting UTIs, which they now think would happen whenever she'd pass a stone. We're on prescription kibble now and will have to have a urine pH test again soon.

Another thought--could something have bitten her? Seems I've heard of poochies refusing to eat because they'd been bitten by ants invading the food bowl, and then it seems logical they'd be skittish of bugs outside in the lawn. Not that I'm implying you have ants! It could have been a one-time random bugging. Maybe try moving her food to a new location to see if that helps any.