Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recipes added!

I have finally added the recipes for No Knead Bread and Swiss Carrot Cake to the "Dances In Garden's Family Recipes" link (somewhere along the left). If you see any glaring errors, let me know!

Today I have been puttering in the kitchen. Actually, it started last night! I mixed up a batch of "sourdough starter" - a kind that uses no flour. Just sugar, water, yeast, and potato flakes. It looked interesting, and I thought I might try to adapt the no knead bread to use it, so that I can bake one or two loaves per week. We shall see how it turns out. I also mixed up some more of that pastry I posted about, just a single crust worth, and made "strudels". Okay, not really strudels, but I rolled the pastry into rectangles, added a line of sliced apples down the middle, sprinkled on some sugar and cinnamon and dotted with trans-fat-free margarine. Then folded the sides to the middle and sealed, sprayed with cooking spray and sprinkled with a bit of sugar. Made a few cuts so steam could escape, and baked at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes.

Not bad eh? And they smell SO good. I love the smell of cinnamon and apples. Yes, I know that one is bigger than the other. No, I do not care. It is this rusticness that makes home baked goodies what they are. Oh heck, it was laziness ROFL. These will be sliced and tucked as a surprise into lunchboxes. The rest will be devoured for sure once DH and DD realize they are in the house, however LOL. No trans fats, and only 5 teaspoons of sugar total between the two. I figure it has to be better than store bought stuff, right?

I also have a loaf of no knead bread on the rise as we speak. It should be ready to go into the oven by 2:00pm. As for dinner tonight, I can't decide if I want to do chicken wraps with rice (veggie chicken nuggets on whole wheat tortillas with cheese, ranch dressing, and lettuce....well there will be lettuce on MINE anyway), or have DH barbeque some skinless boneless chicken. I am sure it would be good, but then I don't know what to serve WITH it. Maybe sliced potatoes? Precooked in the micro then transferred to foil and thrown on the grill with the chicken? We will see.

This morning DD wanted to ride her bike to school, so I rode with her. When we got there we realized she did NOT have her lock with her. GAH! So I had to ride back home to get it and race back before the bell rang. Only I couldn't find it, because it is on her OLD bike which is at MIL's house. My lock? Well, there is a funny story about that. I gave my dad our spare key while we were away. When we got back I told him to keep it in case of emergencies, because we have another spare. Heh heh heh. Heh. Guess where the key to my lock is? And guess where my father is? FLORIDA. So much for that. I managed to find a length of chain and a combination padlock, so that is what I brought back to her. She already knows the combination. Let's just hope that she remembers she took her bike today and doesn't walk home without it ;). Got some good exercise out of it anyway. We all got new bikes this year, but no picture yet. I'll work on it and give you a grand unveiling ROFL.

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