Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ruby update

This morning Ruby refused her breakfast. She did not eat dinner last night either. And if you know pugs, that is a BIG DEAL to miss two meals! I brought her in to the vet, where she had x-rays done. Everything looks good except for her heart - which looks large. Now, it could be that her heart is enlarged. Or it could be that due to her squishy pug anatomy it has always been that way. We have no benchmark to check and make sure. It does look like there might be a bit of fluid at the top of one of her lungs, but he does not hear anything unusual with the stethescope. He took some blood, and we will get the results back tomorrow. We just want to see what her levels are of whatever. We agreed that if she doesn't perk up once the labs come back and we see if there is anything there, that we will get an ultrasound of her heart done. There are no good options locally but right across the border for the same price I can get a colour ultrasound that can show blood flow and everything with results read by a cardiologist. If I get it done here, it is black and white and the images have to be sent to a cardiologist to be read (which takes longer, and would have to be retaken if the cardiologist wants a different view). I could drive her to Guelph, but it is a 3 hour drive one way and it actually costs more there. Plus the wait is longer. Long waits, having to relocate for treatment, outdated technology. I guess the health care system in Canada is the same even for dogs ;). Since getting home and having a good rest, she sounds and is acting a bit better. She even ate a few bites of dinner. We stood up and cheered LOLOL. Her breathing seems to have slowed down a bit as well. Although, she still isn't lying down. Right now she is sitting on the floor by my feet, with her eyelids drooping. If she does lie down she fidgets and kicks her feet out like she can't get comfortable. So cross your fingers please. Because we are talking some major wailing, weeping, and throwing selves upon graves if anything happens to my baby Roo-Roo!

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Liira said...

I hope everything turns out well for Ruby.