Friday, April 18, 2008

So I can be bossy.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am bossy. Not as bossy as my sister (tee hee!) but bossy all the same. Not that this is new to any one of you readers, but I just wanted to preface by saying it just in case there was doubt. Ahem. We have a lot of "equipment" as far as entertainment goes. No, not THAT kind of equipment! Are you trying to give my niece nightmares? She reads this blog! Sheesh. I am talking audio visual equipment. Lest you have visions of those gigantic reel-to-reel film projectors...or those VCR/TV sets bolted to a gigantic yet tippy cart from your school days, keep in mind the terms have not changed but the equipment has ROFL. We have a TV, a VCR/DVD combo player, a DVD player/recorder, and a satellite box. All hooked up to a surround sound (okay, so it is missing a few speakers) stereo. Now, before anybody out there in internet land decides to come clean us out of said equipment let me voice that NONE of this stuff is new, NONE of this stuff is top of the line, and frankly, NONE of it is worth stealing. Trust me. We don't have a single thing that would rise the interest of even the most basic tech nerdie. But for all intents and purposes, it should be a pretty sweet setup considering the room is the size of a postage stamp. Right? Well, that would assume that all those things are set up and connected and stuff. We know what happens when one assumes, don't we? For months I have not been able to use any of this stuff because it is not set up correctly and DH doesn't seem to know how to set it up(nor have the gumption to try). Now mind you, if HE wants to watch a movie or record something he goes ahead and disconnects what DOES work and does his little thing then galavants off, leaving the rest of us sitting in front of a pile of reflective plastic. And half the time he complains he doesn't know how to redo what he undid to get that little bit of function back. I finally had ENOUGH. I was asked to record something and I PVR'd it, but wanted to put it to DVD and there is no good reason why we can't be using that damn DVD recorder. This was the reason he bought it, and damned if we aren't ever going to use it. Basically I bossed him into redoing the connections today. Now, have you ever thought something was quite simple and somebody else did not see it that way and you were frustrated beyond belief? And that person would not take a suggestion that would surely set the whole deal straight and you wanted to throttle them? Yeah. If I make a suggestion to DH, no matter how sensible, he CAN NOT try it out of some twisted sort of game where he punishes me by not trying my suggestion that will surely work until I try to kill him. Then he angrily tries it just to show me how wrong I am, and of course it works. At this point he either sheepishly admits I was right but it WOULDN'T have worked if he hadn't spent four hours doing that other stuff beforehand, or tries to claim I never told him anything and he thought of it all by himself. Now, I don't care about the credit as long as the task is completed. Really, I don't. But why can't we skip the hours of arguing and the aneurysms and the high blood pressure and the death threats, and have him just go ahead and try my suggestion from the start. After all, I must have a REASON to make such a suggestion. And I don't think of myself as a stupid person. I do have SOME technical ability, seeing as, I am/was in the IT field. I think I might be able to follow inputs and outputs - especially since they are colour coded. Another example. Yesterday we needed the bicycle pump. He had just used it to pump up the yoga ball, but now it was nowhere to be found. I suggested he look under the couch. "It wouldn't be there, I put it right next to my chair". He searched the room (minus under the couch). He searched the office. He searched the basement, the kitchen, the laundry room, and the bedroom. There was swearing, accusations of hiding the pump on purpose as some sort of cruel joke, and so on. Finally he decided the pump had never actually existed and was only a figment of our imagination, then sat down to have a coffee. I said - in my extremely tired and fed up mother voice - PLEASE look under the couch. Guess where it was? Now, how did I know it was there? Did I put it there? Not at all. But DH and DD have a habit of sitting/using the area in front of the TV. Anything in the way of their current activity is shoved to the side. LOTS of things end up under the couch. 9 lost items out of 10 in that room are found under the couch. Very scientific of me to learn from past experience, eh? His rule of stubborness is what kept him from looking under the couch before I gave him the hairy eyeball. Even if he KNEW the pump was under there, no way was he gonna look because I was the one who said it. One time, at work, I was exasperated about not being granted a request ONCE AGAIN knowing full well that in the end it was the only way out. I stood up in a meeting with some very very high up people and said "Look. Can we just skip all this and just do it? Because we all know I am going to get what I want eventually. I just don't feel like wasting a month because I have vacation time booked. What do you say?". And guess who's request was granted after all? Bwa ha ha haaaaaa! Bossy. Bossy bossy bossy. And I wouldn't have me be any other way ;).

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Nevis said...

I'm bossy, too. I know it. I have given up and given in to it. Love the bossiness! Embrace it!