Monday, April 14, 2008

Yeah. About those socks.

Not gonna happen, my friends. I made it halfway up the heel flap whilst in great pain and practically crying when my DH yelled "WHY ARE YOU DOING IT THAT WAY THEN?". And he had a point. See, circular needles are two needle points connected by some sort of cable. In general, shorter circs have to have a shorter needle at both ends to gain the flexibility needed to gain access to the stitches and comfortably make a circle of knitting. The problem with that is there is less needle for me to use for leverage, and I tend to want to grasp at the cable. I am forced to work closer to the needle points, using brute strength to push through and manhandle the stitches. Not so good. Within minutes my hands are sore, my arms are fatigued, and I am exhausted. Frankly, two socks on two circs was just too fiddly. Between the sore hands and the tangling yarn and the flippiness and constant finagling it was all just too much for me. So off the needles the socks came, and will later be frogged back and rolled up and considered a life lesson. If you can't continue to use polite language when working at a craft, then maybe it is not the choice for you ;). I never flung them, but mostly because I was afraid to cause yet another tangle. No, this method is surely not for me. Oh well. Ruby is still feeling better. So much better that she is a force to be reckoned with. We are afraid to make eye contact lest she bully us into a game of "tug and snot" with one of her toys. More than once I have woke from a dead sleep to find a wet squirrel on my face and a bug-eyed piglet staring at me in anticipation. If you try to ignore her you get "the bark of death". It is more of a HUFF than a bark, but she spits at the same time. Diabolical. We still have to keep an eye on her. The antibiotic shot only works so long and we have to be on the watch for a recurring infection. So far so good. I planned on taking some pictures, but the batteries from my camera have disappeared. They are the good rechargeable ones that keep the charge for a long time. It seems a certain person noticed that a certain lightsaber was getting weak, and tried to charge the batteries but they were at their end and needed new ones. And it seems that a couple of nights ago the same lightsaber was used to harass the child and the dog and the wife for a bit. Suspicious, yes? I think we have a battery thief in the house masquarading as a Jedi. Those darn sith lords. You just can't trust them at ALL.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to know that sweet puppy Roo-roo is feeling more normal [lol? normal? what's normal for a pug?]
Sorry that the socks bit the dust... can you make a doll hat out of the leftovers?