Monday, May 26, 2008

Grand Central Station!

This house has been so busy with coming and going today it has been like grand central station! First, we had the inspector come out to check the yard. We are having a REAL above ground pool put in. Everything is fine, except for the section of fence that is missing. More on that later. Then the guy who does the digging showed up (two days EARLY) with a backhoe three times larger than we were told to expect. DH and I were gone dropping off my car (which totally died for no obvious reason over the week-end) and when we got back not only had he started, but had driven across our neighbours property - for NO reason - and damaged part of their flower bed. Wheel ruts, broken stones, they were not happy and neither were we. I forgot to mention that CAA came here right before then to jump start my car. I couldn't turn it off again because the battery wasn't charging so had to go right then to bring it in. Got that all smoothed over, at least for now, then the fence guy came to give us an estimate on closing off one corner of our yard. Like four feet of fence and a gate. Holy crap, is it going to be expensive! Why? What are the most expensive parts in chain link fencing? Posts and gates. This is mostly posts and gates. Sheesh. Once I recovered from the sticker shock I was disappointed that it was going to take so long to get done. But nothing I can do. Poop on that. Sometime today my brother is supposed to come so we can use his truck to dispose of the old intex pool. I was trying to give it away because it has the nice coated metal t-bars, but there is a leak in the liner somewhere, and the hoses to the pump are cracked. Plus the nylon rope that ensures the legs stay in place is broken. In fact, birds have been coming far and wide to collect floss from that string. And the worst part? We found a dead bird in part of the tubing. I have no idea why it was in there or how it died, but BLECH! Poor thing. I don't want to saddle anybody with a pool carrying the dead spirit of a bird. Plus every inch of that piping has wasp nests in it just from this spring. You can bet I won't be helping carry any of that. During all this, MIL decides she HAS to have DH come over and help her with things. DH accidentally let it slip he had today off. Stupid stupid stupid! He has mown her lawn, trimmed her weeds, cleaned the eavestroughs (AGAIN, this is the third time this year), brought her to get pills for the dog and pay her house insurance (why mail it when you can have someone drive you two towns over to hand it in personally?), and a few other errands. He also put up a new mailbox for her. She sent him home with a box of Lucky Charms for DD. She said that she bought them for herself but that some pieces are too hard for her. She likes the nice soft pieces (um, those would be the marshmallow candy pieces) but not those hard pieces (the cereal itself). She says she didn't know it was children's cereal. People. There is a LEPRECHAUN on the freakin' box. Give me a break. Ruby has been in her glory - all these people to bark at then visit with. DD just needs to bring home one of her friends to play after school, and it would be a perfect day for this little dog LOL. She LOVES DD's little friends. She spends the whole time they are here wagging her tail, trying to steal kisses, or laying just outside where they are to keep an eye on them. Then when the guest leaves Ruby heaves a deep sigh and conks out. Staying conscious that long was SUCH an effort ;). Right now she is snoozing on the couch. I think I will go join her. If DH comes in and complains I will tell him that she hypnotized me. Yeah. That will work!

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