Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laundry sucks rocks

Nothing profound about that and nothing you all didn't know. Just thought I would share the obvious. They need to invent a dryer that finishes in the same time it takes to do a wash. Because I am seriously over waiting for the dryer to buzz while the wet stiff sits and mildews. Can you just imagine a Jumanji type scene where an entire jungle grows out of the washer as you wait for your other load to tumble dry? That would be a cool commercial, wouldn't it? Like for when they invent that speed dryer. Of course, with today's economy and eye on the bottom line, they are more likely to tweak washers to work slower so they finish at the same time rather than actually improve anything. I am lured to the romantacized notion of using a clothes line and airdrying. You know, better for the environment, saving money, white laundry blowing in the breeze as DD and I dance around the yard wearing pristine flowy gauze dresses while holding hands. We all know the first time I find bird poop or a bug on my stuff and the fantasy is OVER. Plus, I don't have good stuff to hang outside. I just don't have pretty laundry, folks. Our towels are crappy, old, and mismatched. My underwear is gigantic and white. DH owns fifteen pairs of the exact same jeans. Where is the romance in all that? Plus knowing me somebody would comment on the use of a clothes line (as in how unsightly it is) and the next thing you know I would have bondage wear, mens tighty whities that have been bedazzled with the words "suck it up", and hazmat suits splashed with red paint up there. Defiance, my friends. Defiance. I just cannot resist the chance to yank somebody's chain. Gift or curse? You decide. We are having an above ground pool put in. The space has been dug out, the boxes of parts have been delivered. Now the guy just has to come and put it in. Do NOT tell me it is easy and we can do it ourselves. I am a useless cripple and DH is not exactly a handyman. We are lucky if we can get the water in there without needing technical assistance. They piled several bales of peat moss on the patio (apparently it goes UNDER the pool). Ruby has decided that these bags of peat moss are evil. She spends most of the day looking at them from the sliding door (in the "get ready to run away in case they move" stance) and barking at them. She wants to go outside, but when I open the door she eyes them warily and changes her mind. I have to FORCE her out. Then she refuses to walk past them, giving them the hairy eyeball and hiding under the patio table. I finally carried her over and wrestled her paw onto one of the bales. You would have thought it burned her LOL. She was wiggling so much I was afraid to drop her so I plopped her right on top of the stack. She sniffed around a bit then tried to jump off so I carried her down. Did it help? No. Now they are even more evil than before. Sigh. At least it is amusing. And temporary because the pool should be up by the week-end. Or moved, because they are blocking my view to the planter/feeder and I want to watch the BIRDIES *stamping my little foot*. Okay. Stamping my OGRE foot. Sheesh.

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