Friday, May 30, 2008

Nice firm buns.

No, not MINE. Unfortunately. I made hamburger buns so we could have grilled burgers tonight. Well, we were supposed to have them YESTERDAY but I was an idiot and fed the starter a day early, so when I used it it took longer to get things moving. But after a day of rising, being shaped and rising overnight in the fridge, and more rising on the counter today? Wow. Good flavour (not too sweet), nice texture (not squishy but not hard) and they looked cute too! I brushed them with melted butter when they came out of the oven so they would be soft.

Here they are. Nice texture inside. DH was worried because they didn't feel squishy and he was afraid they were dense. But the texture was perfect to hold up to the burger and toppings without being tough and squishing them out when taking a bite (I HATE that), nice and airy inside. Next time I make them they will be a BIT softer because they won't need to rise as long, but overall I am impressed.

Here they are again with some whole wheat pita bread, and some cloverleaf rolls I made with the extra dough from the hamburger buns. They turned out a little small but aren't they just adorable? Tee hee!

I moved the planter/bird feeder today so I could watch the birds. Of course, when I tried to take a picture there were no birds to be found. Silly things! But this is the little project I was (and am) smitten with. I want to make more, in the original size (I made this one a bit smaller so I could use up some scrap materials I had on hand) and other styles. Isn't it just darling? It will look great once the plants fill out even more. The bottom part is just the right size to hold a "bird block" which I thought was a good idea because the sparrows make such a mess flinging seed everywhere. But now I have noticed they are picking off all the seed and leaving a big blob of black sunflower seeds. Little buggers. When I make the bigger one in the same style I am going to plant it with moss and hens and chicks, maybe some small sedums. Instead of making them feeders I might make the bottom deeper and plant coleus or something. I tried to move the bags of moss, but holy crap those suckers are heavy! So for now the feeder is on the edge of the fire pit.

In other news today, isn't Ruby adorable?

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