Monday, June 02, 2008

Cross your fingers please.

Ruby had her shots today. Remember how she reacted to them last time? I am scared to death and my stomach is in knots. We decided to wait on the bordatella (kennel cough - they absorb it through their nose rather than as a shot). By separating that and the rabies, if she reacts again we have a better chance of isolating the cause. So far so good. Nothing puffy, no funny breathing. Well, I mean, she IS a pug. No funnier than normal ;). They are supposed to be building the pool today, but the guy keeps calling and pushing it later and later. Grrrr. I just want it DONE at this point in time. Still too cold in general to swim, but I will feel better once the thing is up. Yesterday something happened to me, and I can only laugh and think "Only in MY world can this happen" LOL. DD was cleaning the hamster cage. That means I was baby-sitting Sparkle while it was being done. I had her on the coffee table. It is glass, with some decorative cross pieces underneath. Well, she is afraid to walk across the open part in the middle, so she follows the cross pieces like she is walking on beams. It amuses me. I was at the edge of the table and she was walking along her "balance beam", poking around at things she met along the way. You know, nibble at a pencil, stop to steal a strip of paper from a notepad, that sort of thing. Then suddenly she darted across the middle. I knew what she was up to - a running jump off the edge! I went to get up and whacked my kneecap on the corner of the table. Excruciating, debilitating pain! I am talking almost peeing-in-my-pants pain. I was screaming and writhing. I yelled to DH for help. He had NO idea what was going on. All I could gasp as "Hamster! Table! She'll jump!". He was panicked...."what? What? Where is the hamster? What happened?" and he was looking at the floor near me. I was like, No, No, on the TABLE! He started for the kitchen. Still rolling on the floor, holding my knee and screaming, I managed to include "No, COFFEE TABLE!". He finally found her and caught her. Then he tries to hand her to me. Now. If you saw a person rolling around the floor, crying, screaming, and holding their knee - would you think they are prepared to hold a household pet? Sheesh. Finally I was able to stop screaming and rolling, and he immediately plopped Sparkle onto my chest. Gee. Thanks. Almost instantly my knee started swelling up, and soon it looked like I had a baseball sitting on my leg. I spent the rest of the evening with an icepack balanced there as I shivered in a sweater and heavy socks. It looks MUCH better today. Still a bit puffy and there will be a bruise, but I can walk without limping. You will be happy to know that Sparkle is alive and well and unharmed by my pain. I think I have mentioned in the past that there is a robin that comes to our yard. In fact I believe that the robin believes this is HIS yard. Anyhow, it seems to delight in sitting on the fence near wherever Ruby is and harassing her. He doesn't fly around her or dive-bomb her. But he does make threatening sounds and sort of cackles at her. Ruby mostly ignores him, but when he makes that cackle sound she FREAKS. She barks at him and runs around in circles. Sometimes she does the butt-tuck-and-run that pugs are famous for. Last night, while incapacitated with an icepack on my knee, I was browsing Ontario birds on the internet. One of the sites had a wav file with robin calls, and I clicked on it. Yep, that is a robin alright! When it came to the cackly part of the call, Ruby came RUNNING into the room barking. It was hilarious. She must have thought the robin had invaded the computer room. Tee hee! Well, I am off to lay on the floor and stare at the dog for signs of swelling. Cross your fingers that it doesn't happen this time!

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