Monday, June 23, 2008

Pauvre Doodle

Poor Ruby. First she has to share her weekend with a visitor who won't let her have her own bear. Now, we are having a rather loud electrical storm. And she is not liking this interruption from her afternoon one little bit. She wants me to take a nap with her (don't ask me how I know. A mother knows) but I have computer work to do and cannot. Plus I am sick and coughing (a croupy cough. Thanks DD!) and she doesn't like that coughing one bit. She looks all worried at me, and does her nervous snort. Maybe she thinks I am barking at her ROFL. So yesterday we were driving home after dinner out, and DD said something. I don't even remember what it was. DH was unnerved by it, and tried to give a reply (he wasn't mad, he was being fake upset) and mixed up some words. And it was very funny. So we all had a laughing fit. A few minutes later he looks at me and says STOP IT. I said what? Stop saying IT (the words he mixed up). I said I am not saying anything. His reply? "Well you are making me think it". I stared at him for a full minute like he should be wearing a foil hat, and answered "Well I'll just go ahead and stop doing that then". This prompted another laughing fit so bad he almost hit the curb while making a turn. He had to pull over into a parking lot so we could all calm down a little bit and stop laughing. Then later he asked DD "What did you do with that pop tart you ate?". She stared at him like she didn't know how to answer that question, then finally said "I, um, digested it". Another laughing fit. He told us to stop making him laugh, we told him to stop saying such silly things. About five minutes later, he was kneeling on the floor trying to get a shoe that was pushed partway under the chair. He was talking to me, and went to lean on a cardboard box to help him get up from that position. A flimsy cardboard box. Balanced on the very end of DD's skateboard. On a smooth floor. It did not turn out well for him ROFL. He was not hurt, but I nearly croaked because I couldn't get a breath in, I was laughing so hard. That prompted a coughing fit, and I coughed until I gagged. DH faked indignity and said "I am glad you find me so amusing". DD and I are glad we do too ;)

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