Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sinus Sludge

Sounds like the name of an alternative punk band ROFL. This cold (or whatever it is) is still kicking my butt. Now it has moved pretty fully up into my sinuses and my ears. Nothing is "green" so no medicine for infections, but for goodness sake. I am ready to shove a garden hose up my nose and flush everything out to release some of the pressure. I have been working very hard hours on the contract project and I start my new job next week after the holiday. And I have to praise DH. He is doing so well. He has been cooking dinner every night without so much as a word of input from me. Before I even realize it, it is dinner time and BING - there is dinner. He has also CLEANED. Last night he cleaned the bathroom, and did DD's room. Then he attempted the living room but I can see why that wasn't finished. There are too many things in there right now that don't have a real home yet, so there is nowhere to put them "away". Let me take this opportunity to say that I am real proud of him. He even took DD with him today to fix his mother's bathroom sink. Which, by the way, is the fix-it project that took over the world. A week of going every day to LOOK at sinks. Two days to BUY a sink (had to bring one back because a piece was broken). Another three days of taking the old sink apart and finding worse and worse problems with the plumbing. I will be glad when this is done, because she calls a million times per day about the darn thing. Today DD is going to be his helper and hand him tools and hold the flashlight. In a bathroom smaller than most closets. With a MIL and a 110 pound doberman sticking their noses in as well. It should be fun (ROFLMAO). Good luck to them. I have big plans for this week-end. Finish planting the garden (I know I know), finish making a planter for the front (I know I know), and finally getting this house clean and clutter free. We are taking NO prisoners this time. We will have to post a warning on the door "Don't stand still too long or you might be thrown out, sold, or donated" - tee hee! This house has to get in shape for when I start work, and I plan on having somebody come in every two weeks to clean. If that is not keeping it up, every week then. Dusting, vacuuming, floors, bathroom. If there is time, stove or fridge. That should do it. Wish me luck. Well, enough of a break. I've got programming to do. Have a great day!

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