Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So far so good

Ruby got her last "vaccination" today. Last year she reacted to one of them, but we weren't sure what. So we did them seperately this time. The one left to go was the liquid they put in the nose to prevent Bordatella, or kennel cough. She hasn't seemed to react yet. We did decide to give her some prophylactic benadryl, just to be safe. Right now she is conked out under the desk. That stuff really knocks her out. I kept an eye on her after her shots last week, to catch any signs of hives or swelling. And wouldn't you know it, I believe she got stung by a wasp! Right on her cheek. Not a bee, because that causes a swollen lump. But rather a flat, raised, pinkish area with a sort of depression in the middle where the stinger went. DH said she was snurffling in the grass and sort of whined/yelped, and ran around in circles but she seemed to be okay after and he didn't think much about it. I noticed the mark after she came in. Poor, poor baby Ruby. So she had a restless night, I am sure it was really sore. The next day she seemed fine. There is something Ruby does that everybody gets a big kick out of. She likes to sit in my lap. If I sit outside on a lawn chair or bench, she thinks she needs to be up there with me. I guess most people find it odd to see a dog outside sitting on a lap. If we are in a waiting room together, same thing. She wants on my lap. Sure, she sniffs around for a bit and takes a good look over the room. But once that is done, up please! If I am on the couch or chair, she is in my lap or lying next to me. If I am laying anywhere, she is curled up behind my knees, at my feet with her chin on my ankle, or on my head LOLOL. What can I say. She wuvs me! Either that or I am cushier than I should be. Ahem. She is not really afraid of storms or things like fire works. In fact, when we had them here she slept on my lap the entire time and only looked up once or twice. Now when she sees them in the sky (sometimes people let them off on the weekends) she wants to go outside and bark at them LOL. But last night a storm rolled in quickly from an unusual direction. Usually when they come from that side, and not from the north, it spells a bit more trouble. Lots of lightning, constant low grade thunder with occasional big booms. Ruby decided she did not like that at all. I was plunging the toilet (don't ask) and she was between the toilet and the wall, peeking around me. Once I finished that, DD was scared so we sat on the couch in the living room and watched the rain. Ruby often sits with us, but will lie next to me or on the arm of the chair. This time? She squeezed right between us and peered out the window from under the blanket ROFL! I don't know what it was, but she did not like what was going on. We had storms two nights in a row with lightning and thunder from the north and she barely noticed. Maybe I should have been more worried ;). This is typical summer weather here. Hot hazy days, then storms in the evening as the cool evening air and hot humid air mix together. Typically there is time to swim for about an hour or two after dinner before the storm hits, so it doesn't really ruin an evening or anything. And most of the time, the bad parts are over quick and either it just rains or the entire thing passes over after just a bit. I think the worst part is the gusts of wind as the storm approaches and the first few nervous minutes as it rolls in, the sky looks layered and it roils and boils. I can't help but watch for sideways rain and green or orange skies. It's inbred I think. They say we are in for a hotter-than-normal summer and a strong storm season. That's a lot of couch time with a nervous daughter and peeking pug! I wonder what "normal summer weather" is like in other areas.

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