Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sparkle's Big Adventure

DD had a nightmare and woke me about 3:45am. I brought her back to bed, got her all tucked in, and was walking out when I noticed the top to the hamster cage was open. No sign of Sparkle inside the cage, nor on the dresser. I even checked inside the food bag LOL. Trying to remember the last time you saw your daughters hamster after being awoken suddenly at 3:45am is hard enough. Add cold medicine, plugged ears, and a flaming throat to that. I didn't want DD to freak out, she loves that hamster with all her heart. But, there ARE two cats in this house. They don't bother with her in the cage or when we have her out, but who knows what they would do with it wandering around the house by itself in the dark. I did a quick check of the bathroom and living room areas. Then I got a flashlight and was about to check DD's room when she said she heard some rustling behind her bed. I moved a toy and turned on the flashlight, and who should I see scrambling to me? SPARKLE! Safe and sound and pretty glad to see us. She came right out and climbed into my hand. We often wondered what would happen if she ever got "lost", and I guess now we know! I am glad she stayed in DD's room though. It would be like searching for a needle in a haystack to find a hamster in this messy house. DD was overjoyed to get her back. The first thing she did this morning when her alarm went off was check on the hamster LOL. DH and Ruby slept through the entire thing. We could hear them snorning in unision from across the hall. DD said "Don't they know it is an EMERGENCY?!?!?". Apparently not LOL. Once I got her settled and back to bed, I went back to bed and woke Ruby up by accident. She looked a little confused. She sat up, stretched, yawned, did her nyup nyup nyup, then just sat on the pillow and stared at me. No Ruby, it is not time to get up. That is why it is dark. Go back to sleep. She did eventually but I kept wanting to giggle because she sat there for so long just looking around, like she couldn't get back to sleep and was bored. I could see her blinking in the darkness and it cracked me up. Then my sister called and told me she spent the night in the hospital with kidney stones. I wish she wouldn't have so much trouble with those! She's had enough happen to her without that. There must have been a disturbance in the force last night, causing all this ruckus. I have work to do, but I just wanted to share Sparkle's big adventure. I wonder how she got that door open, and if she can do it again. It's a pretty good fall from the top of the dresser to the floor. I don't want her to get hurt. We'll have to keep an eye on that. I have to admit it is possible that she was taken out of the cage from the top and put back in the bottom, leaving the top open by accident - that has happened before but we always caught it before she got out. I wonder though. Why do these things always happen in the middle of the night? Interesting.

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Anonymous said...

How about some sort of clip to keep the cage door closed? Poor Sparkle must have been soo scared!