Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ah yes, the crappy stapler and the broken chair.

There is a universal office politics rule that the new person gets the crappy stuff. That is just the way that it works. In some offices it is an establishment of the pecking order. The "Don't forget that you are the new girl and you get what we say you get" thing. In others, people who have been there longer feel they deserve the good stuff. After all, they did their time suffering with half-stapled papers and the smallest monitor - let somebody else put their time in. In other offices, it seems to be a waste to let good equipment sit unused while their own stuff isn't working properly. Workstations are stripped piece by piece until you are left with....well.....a crappy stapler and the chair that broke ten years ago and keeps being moved from one place to another while nobody is looking. Don't go on an extended vacation, because you will come back to the broken chair. Your stapler will stay put, but your chair is fair game. I have to admit, I love my workstation. It is a cubicle, but relatively open and easily twice the size of your typical office cube. I am also blessed with a skylight above, at a good angle. It does not produce a glare nor do I get sunbeams directly on my head (you know, to fry my brain) but lets in a wonderful diffuse light. I love that kind of sunlight. It makes the area bright and cheerful but does not interfere with my monitor. It doesn't seem like the workstation has been stripped, as this office has a pretty liberal supply policy. If you need it, they think you should have it. Happy workers are productive workers. I like that. Never-the-less, I did find it hilarious that my stapler does not work well, and my chair has a permanent lean to the front. I am not so worried about the stapler, I have little use for one and two steps away is the copy center (with four different staplers to choose from as well as several kinds of hole punch). But the chair is a bigger issue because of my back. Day two, and I can feel the strain. I was given permission to trade it with another spare workstation, but I have to tell you I snickered as I traded chairs. As a peace offering to whomever will be assigned there, I included the stapler, three yellow highlighters (I hate those things), and a really good staple remover. They will be needing it, what with the crappy stapler and all. Tee hee!

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