Friday, July 04, 2008

For sale: Dead plants

Every year I buy plants for the garden and yard. Every year MOST of them get planted, but invariably a few whither and die of neglect in their homely, thin plastic nursery pots. This year we have the assorted casualties, and a few that are hanging on - only just barely. Hopefully they will be planted this week-end. If not, the eulogy can be expected some time next week. There are four pots of the happiest clematis you have ever seen, waiting to be placed in their forever home. They are happily entwining with each other and are even blooming. How I will ever detangle them is a mystery to me. Then they will be cast into the pit of darkness - a hole dug - well, pick-axed anyway - in the heavy clay soil. Sure, we will amend it with good stuff and make sure their roots have some chance of a foothold. But right now, they seem so happy on the patio. Poor things don't know what is in store for them. Our yard is pretty tough. After all, to live here you have to be able to fend for yourself and survive cold, drought, and pug investigations. I just hope the plants we already have don't gang up on the new clematis vines and take their lunch money. I already know Ruby likes them. Every time she goes out, the return trip involves a wide circle over to the pots so she can sniff some of the open blooms. I keep trying to get a pic but I miss it every time. Dh wanted to know why I do this every year. Do I buy more plants than I need? Do I change my mind after getting them and decide I don't like them? Do I just get tired of playing that game and lose steam before I finish? Probably a little of all those things. Stuff comes up. The day goes, and mosquitoes come out. I do lose steam. Sometimes a bed proves smaller than I expected once I lay everything out. Sometimes colours don't go together like I planned. Sometimes DH's should mind their own business and pretend not to see the languishing flat of marigolds on the patio, if they know what is good for them. *cough* So. What were we talking about again? Plants? What plants?

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