Monday, July 14, 2008

Mmmm.. Muffins!

DD just made some blueberry muffins from a packaged mix. She and DH don't like real berries in their muffins. And I have to admit that for a long time, I didn't either. They were always too sour and too goopy. Now that I have learned to appreciate a muffin that is not as sweet as cake, I have learned to appreciate real fruit in them as well. I generally don't eat these muffins they make because they are basically sugar lumps with no nutritional value. But I have to admit, they sure do smell good. Almost as sweet smelling as candy floss, but frooty. LOLOL. Like boo-berry cereal! Remember that stuff? I wonder if they still make it any more. You can't get it here, but that doesn't mean they don't make it for another market. I must have PMS. I have been snappy lately, and when sweet things smell good to me you gotta know SOMETHING is going on. I've been craving chinese food too. Not the kind that I make that is good for you, but the gloppy deep fried, sauce covered stuff you get in a restaurant catering to non-asians. Sigh. My new job is going well. I like it, and I think I am catching on. I have learned a few lessons though. Such as, even a stranger that is nice to you and trains you for your new job will sell you up the river at a moments notice rather than admit a mistake. I could have repointed the finger back at her (with concrete proof), but instead I figured what was the point. It would just make me look defensive. I looked very serious, apologized for the error, and promised it would never happen again. And that is for sure, because I will never trust that person again. Check and double check! I've already had to lock her out of one file because she was making changes in there and causing me grief. It is my job now. You can wait for me to get out of the bathroom so I can do your request, don't touch the files lady! Other than that little glitch, working outside the home has not been the disaster I was expecting LOL. Traffic is pretty good back and forth, there haven't been too many curve balls as far as duties, and I haven't run out of work clothes yet. I am being beckoned to join my DH and DD in a subarctic swim. Since I am pale and puffy and with these hairy legs I could pass for a polar bear, I guess it is appropos. See ya!

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