Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Shut up and eat it

Dh called me from work today laughing. As he was eating his lunch, he mentioned that he doesn't normally like whole wheat buns and he wasn't sure that he would like this new lunchmeat (Carribean chicken - it's a seasoned chicken) that I picked out for him - but he was pleasantly surprised and he really liked it. One of them said, well, if you don't like whole wheat buns why do you buy them? And DH explained, no no, we didn't buy them. I baked the buns last night while he was in bed. The guy said "Let me get this straight. Your wife BAKED fresh bread to make the sandwich for you, after picking out a special lunchmeat to put on it, planning the whole thing a week ahead. For a bag lunch to bring to work.". DH agreed those facts were correct. Immediately he got a smack to the back of the head, and a "WHAT'S the matter with you! I made my own PB&J in the dark of dawn on the crust ends because that's all that was left. I hear you complain about your lunch again and we are trading". ROFLMAO! Yes, I guess when it comes to lunches he is a little spoiled. But really, when it comes to making bread and buns, most of the time to bake bread is in the rising and baking. With quick rise yeast and a kitchen aid mixer, from start to finish the process is like two hours max. And most of that is waiting time so you get to do other things. I have abandoned the starter. Mostly because DH and DD didn't like the REAL taste of bread LOL and I liked it a little too much. The experience was not a bust, just not the right time nor audience. So I will stick to packets of yeast for now and bake bread when needed, and not because the starter needs to be used. It might keep some of that bread out of my mouth ;). Well, tomorrow I start a new job. One where I actually have to get dressed and leave the house and stuff. I am scared to death, really. DD and I went shopping yesterday after I realized that I have no good work pants and as for shoes? Showing up on the first day in day-glo green crocs is probably not the best idea. All of my dress shoes bit the dust years ago. My last pair had become my every day shoes and are covered in paint, and generally look like they have been dragged around by a wild animal. A good polishing with a soft rag just was not going to cut it. She helped me pick out a few pairs of pants ("Well, those ones make your butt look a little less huge, but the front looks puffier. The other ones are better. Just don't turn around"), some new tops ("That fit's nice but makes your boobs look gigantic") and a dress. I need a body shaper under the dress for sure, but according to DD I am the most beautiful thing on earth in that dress. It's a long sheath thing, and it does actually look nice on me except for a few bumps and bulges to be ironed out. How she can look at that and declare it acceptible even with my hideously large breasts and gigantic bum I will never know ROFL. She also helped me look for shoes, although she was there more to be company and ogle at the newest trends(what can I say, she is my kid) while I looked for flats that don't make my feet look fat. "Are these too high?" she asks, hoisting a pair of fire engine red shoes with 6 inch metal spikes for heels. Yeah, a little too high for me. And by the way, I am not a transvestite hooker. No, I did not say that to her but I sure thunk it. She has good taste in purses though. It is going to be scary to see her closet when she starts shopping for herself with her own money. With those expensive tastes, she is going to be starving in a dark hovel of an apartment but will have killer shoes and the best purse LOL. We also got her some summer clothes because her favourite store was having a big sale. And none too soon, she has grown out of just about everything she owns in the last few weeks. Once again, arms and legs still fit but they have gotten short in the middle. I promised her we could swim at one o'clock today, and that time is upon us, so away we go. Try and enjoy Canada Day!

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