Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sleeping beauty

I will say one thing about going back to work outside the home. I really miss my afternoon naps ROFL. But because I have been having trouble falling asleep at night, I have forecfully kept myself awake and nap-free, then going to bed early (10:00pm). I was hoping that those hours of sleep (nine, I get up at 7) would be more than enough and that after about a week or so I would no longer be walking around a yawning, sleepy mess. Nope. I think I am an 11 hour a night person. Now, that doesn't mean I have ever really gotten those eleven hours (other than as a teenager when it seemed sometimes I slept for days at a time LOL). What I mean is, maybe I have so many years of sleep debt to work off that I won't ever get caught up. Or at least it will take a mite while longer before I feel "rested" when I wake up. We can all dream, can't we? (Was that a pun? Hmmmmm). Last night I went to bed at 9:30pm, for some reason I was just exhausted. Then I got up at 8. Well, Ruby got me up at that time, after wriggling around with her stomach growling since seven a.m. while I ignored her LOL. I got up, let her out, fed the animals, read the paper, and had a breakfast of a Low GI High Fiber blueberry muffin, and a coffee. Then I laid on the couch to stretch out my back for a bit, and the next thing I knew it was almost 12:30 in the afternoon, and there was a pug belly stretched across my face. It's a good thing she almost smothered me, or I might never have woken up. So much for no naps. Sigh. Yesterday my nephew had his "friends" birthday party, and had a company called Zoo2You come out. It was FABULOUS. The man that brought the animals was very friendly and good with the kids, and the animals were interesting, very tame, and extremely calm. They all amazed me, looking around at the kids and not trying to hide at all. My favourite was the baby kinkaju. So adorable! He also brought several lizards, a snake, tortoises, a sugar glider, two chinchillas, a cane toad, and a BABY KANGAROO! My sister gave the kids disposable cameras to take pictures with, and several of the adults had cameras as well. Every time he brought an animal out, the flashbulbs started. It was like they were being mobbed by the papparazzi ROFL! But the animals didn't seem fazed at all. I guess he has all sorts of things, and spiders and things too. But you get a mix at a party - he kind of sees what is in a good mood that day. Definitely a good time, and very hands on. He brings them around so you can touch them and see them up close, and some things you can even hold. I had the snake around my neck because DD wanted to but then got too scared. He was very very patient with the kids and didn't seem rushed at all. No tarantula or hissing cockroaches this time. I can't decide if I am disappointed ;). Afterwards we all ate and the kids swam, then there were sno-cones and cake and ice-cream, and the biggest platter of candy I have ever seen. Nobody can ever say my dsis doesn't know how to throw a kid's party!

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