Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jiminy has to go

Crickets.  My life is wrought with crickets.  Not long ago, when I was at my height of anxiety-dome, I was so petrified of crickets I could hardly leave the house at night.  Walk across the patio?  No sirree bob, those suckers were just waiting for me to go out there so they could scrabble from their hidey holes and freak me out.  I used to be a "child of the night" to get away from bees and flying insects.  But when the crickets started climbing up the bricks and flinging themselves at me, I was done like a dinner.
And these crickets were BIG.  And for some reason, the ones that had turned a sort of dullish brown were even grosser than the big, fat, glossy black ones.
Thanks to some good therapy (and even better meds), my cricket problem was solved and I am no longer afraid to "take back the night".  I have also taken back the day, because I am no longer afraid of bees and such.  I still don't LIKE them, but I don't cower in the house waiting for a good time to run to my car and get inside before anything "bad" happens.
This, however, does not mean that my life is cricket-freaky free.  Nosiree.  I am not SCARED of crickets any longer, but with their long spindly legs and creepy crawly habits I still find them pretty gross.  I can appreciate the beauty of a long black wasp.  I can even wax poetic about a fuzzy bumblebee.  Them crickets?  Uh-glee.  Up until now, this disdain did not apply to their noises.  After all, what would camping or a night in the country be without the soothing 'chirp chirp chirp' in the background.  Think of how many kids spent lazy summer days counting chirps to try and guess the temperature. There is something even almost nostalgic about cricket chirps and cicada song, although I don't know why.  (Don't get me started on cicadas.  Have you ever SEEN one????  ACK!).
There is a cricket in the office.  He is behind some filing cabinets across from my desk.  He has been chirping since Monday.  I cannot catch him.  I cannot convince him to move on.  I can make him stop for about 30 seconds at a time if I tap on the cabinet, but that is about it.  At first, it was charming.  Kind of like camping at the office.  People would walk by and say "Oh, how nice.  You have a cricket!  It must be soothnig".  Yeah.  Soothing.
Well, today is THURSDAY.  And that chirping is driving me completely insane.  It gets louder as the day goes on, too.  A quick google search proved that there is not much I can do.  I can try to catch it and relocate it but those cabinets are full of heavy paperwork that would take days to empty.  And being the wuss that I am I keep rejecting offers to drop a "bug bomb" back there.  I want it to shut up, but I don't want it to sleep with the fishies or anything.  At least not without a fighting chance to relocate on it's own.
I have half  a mind to bring in Sparkle and let her go back there.  Hamsters eat crickets, right?  Nah.  With my luck she will get stuck in a glue trap or be lost forever back there.
Crickets like dark, right?  What if I buy a cheap click light or something, turn it on, and drop it back there?  Maybe the cricket would find a better, darker place to go.  Maybe I need a CASE of click lights so it doesn't decide to relocate under my desk or something.
Sigh.  Any ideas?  Got a cricket-eating reptile I can borrow?  A spare pare of ear plugs?  Something.

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Anonymous said...

You could slip a 'mouse catching glue strip' back there. But it doesn't deal with the disposal -- however, if it ain't chirping - who the heck cares!