Monday, September 15, 2008

More fiber than I bargained for

I just ate, like, my hundredth produce sticker today. I can remember to wash my fruit and veg, but hunting down and removing those little diabolical stickers? Not so much. Apple slices smeared with just a bit of peanut butter, sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with a few sliced almonds. I thought I found a softish-chewy almond, then I realized what it was. Blech! The almonds didn't add much to the experience either. I'll stick with wheat germ. What do you mean you have never had apple slices with peanut butter and wheat germ? Not health food tasting at all, I promise! The cinnamon is a relatively new addition introduced by DD and adopted by me. Pretty good, I must say. After a bit of a delay (my back and subsequent crookedness, my personal trainer going for more - er - training) we started my actual very first full strength training today. We focused on arms and shoulders. I now know for sure there is a reason to have a personal trainer - I would have bonked myself in the head with the barbells after each rep. I can pump them up into the air like nobody's business*. It is the downward, uncontrolled motion that is dangerous (did I mention I have like NO arm strength?). If it wasn't for her guiding hands I would have cracked my melon more than once with one side or the other. It is worth the money I pay to avoid the brain damage. Of course, we will see how appreciative I am tomorrow when I am too sore to zip my own pants or lift the coffee cup to my lips. *I am lying. I shake like a wuss.* Just for good measure, she threw in some of my FAVOURITE double crunches. Crikey, those things kill me. Then some leg stretches because my hamstrings were sore today (at the top, rather than behind the calf like normal). I think I may have overstretched a bit in yoga Sunday morning. Or it could be the rainy, damp weather. I could make a good living as a weather station. A little while back we had a wellness day at work. We received pedometers with the company logo. Today was the kickoff for a "walking tour" of Canada of sorts. Anybody who wants to join in will wear their pedometers and log how far they walk in a week (these babies have a handy converter so you can see your step count in miles/kms). The distance will be logged on a map, following a certain route. We want to see how far we get! At the end we will all do something (lunch or some such) to celebrate the trip. Plus we will all get a t-shirt. Yes, I get excited about shirts for things when I have actually DONE something towards them. I am a nerd of the highest proportions. But if you didn't know that, you must be new. Anyhoo, I walked 1506 steps today. That is pitifully low. Although I have nothing to compare it to really. Tomorrow it should be MUCH higher after an hour of cardio. If not, I can just sit and shake the thing until I see a number I like better. Bwa-ha-ha-haaa!

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