Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Night sweats

The last couple of nights, by bedtime I have been freezing. My feet specifically. I know it is because the weather is changing, but that makes it no less annoying to me. It keeps me awake. Socks don't help, either. Last night I warmed up the rice pad and placed it at the foot of the bed. It mostly worked, except the cats piled on top of it too so my feet would fall asleep forcing me to move my cold tootsies away from the hot zone. They'd get cold again so I would squish them into the steaming warmth of cats and heating pad, then they would fall asleep again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Not impressed at having to share with those critters. Heat whores, those cats. Also, I have been waking up completely soaked in sweat. A cold sweat. Not exactly a not-feeling-well sweat. Not a bad-dream sweat. But my hair is soaked and my chest is dripping. I have been getting this off and on for over a year now (right before PMS - bwa ha ha haaa) but never this many nights in a row. Could it be pre-menopause? After all, I am not far from forty at this point. (Did I actually just type that? Strike it from your mind. Really, I am eighteen. I swear it!). Maybe it is just the increase in soy products. I might have to look into some evening primrose oil or something. Want to hear the randomest, oddest, most insane thing I heard today? "That there is a good looking homeless man". I didn't even have any reply. What does a person say to that? I could only just stand and stare for a moment, processing. Who says things like that?!?! I work with some odd ducks. And speaking of.... Do you know what the book man is? Some people have a book lady. I suppose it should be "book person" to be P.C. about it. Anyway, it is a person that sells books and other small items. They drop off samples of their wares and order sheets. After so many days they collect the samples and fill any orders they get. It seems like every day more and more products are piled onto the lunch table, so much so that it's getting too crowded to eat there. As I sat, scrunched into a corner, eating my veggie balogna sandwich, a coworker was rummaging through the stacks of "stuff" and books. All of a sudden she grabs my lunch bag and starts rooting through it, looking a little confused. "What is this?" she exclaimed as she extracted a package. "Those are cookies that have heart healthy ingredients in them". Oh, she said, as she stuffed it roughly back into the bag. I was a little shocked, but not really offended. I am not sure I liked having my lunch manhandled in such a way, but at the moment I was intent on remaining polite. Then she pulled out another packet, and read it slowly. "V-e-g-a meal replacement. 100% daily nutrients with plant based sterols and proprietary protein mix........What kind of crap is this?" she sounded a little exhasperated as she shoved that back into the bag as well. I didn't know how to react. I mean, maybe she is just a little direct. Some people have no concept of personal space, maybe she was one of those. I stammered something about veggie lifestyles and making sure you get your nutrients, and she just glared at me. At last she tugged out my baggie of apple slices. She stared at them. She turned the bag this way, then that way. I couldn't wait to hear her assessment of my brown-tinged and sad looking slices. All of a sudden, her eyes got real wide, and she gasped. "IS THIS YOUR LUNCH BAG?!?!?" I have never seen somebody look so mortified in my life. She thought it was part of the book man samples! We were both laughing our heads off like loons. She kept gasping out, "Why didn't you SAY anything?" as we nearly rolled on the floor cackling like mad. I told her I was too shocked to say anything. I have to admit, when I worked from home nobody ever manhandled my lunch. Although Ruby would beg for things, and snotted on my sandwich once. Hit it with a huge loogie, right from the floor (pug-nose height). To her consternation I didn't let her eat the tainted item - I threw it away. She thought it was a waste of a good sandwich - and some diabolically good aim.

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