Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Say it isn't so, Tootsie!

You may or may not know, but for now I am not eating meat or dairy. Just because. Anyway. I am not being fanatical about it. I'm not going out of my way to find bread and stuff that is completely dairy free, but I do use vegan margarine (for example). Still, I have been reading labels and it is interesting what ingredients lurk in places you never expected. Some boys were selling tootsie rolls for....I don't know. Charity? To raise money for their sports team? To support their crack habit? Who cares. It was right after my workout, I was starving, and it was a TOOTSIE roll. Now, I had a good idea there would be milk ingredients in there. I was going to eat it anyway. But being nosey I read the ingredients all the same. And came to a screeching halt! Yes, I saw the expected milk ingredients. But it was something completely unexpected that was the deal breaker - hydrogenated vegetable oil. DEADLY HYDROGENATED FATS IN MY TOOTSIE ROLL?!?! How could this be? I have fond memories of getting a tube shaped bank full of mini-tootsie rolls for christmas (maybe for other holidays as well). Or the oddly varied sizes and shapes of tootsie rolls at halloween (which have gladly been brought back, with the addition of those lovely flavoured ones). For me, they ranked right up there with kraft caramels and chocolate bars when divying the goody pile. Just chocolate enough, sweet but not cloying, as close to fudge as you can be without being fudge at all. Not exactly taffy but heavenly to chew. I mean, what is not to like? Killer death oil ingredients, that's what. Crap. What's next? Cyanide in the pop-rocks? Arsenic sprinkled on dill pickle potato chips? Sigh. I wouldn't let DD eat the tootsie roll either, I threw it away. DH thinks I have lost my mind (well, even more than usual) - either that or the tofu is affecting me in a very bad way. I explained that if I think hydrogenated fats are poison and won't eat them, then I wouldn't feed them to anybody I love either. I also sweetly told him to shut it lest I start lacing his lunches with bits of tootsie roll. It would be like the perfect crime, to poison him with nostalgia. No court in the land would convict me. BWA HA HA HAAA! Yeah. He said I am not funny. *Snort*

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