Friday, September 26, 2008


I have never been so happy to see a Friday.


I am pooped!  The Brownies pooped me out last night.  (Is it just me, or does that sentence just sound SO wrong?).  Girls are trickling in, so there are new joiners each week.  One such new joiner last night was having trouble transitioning into the group and away from mum.  So there went one leader to help with that.


We were doing two crafts that were time intensive and required a lot of hands on help.  Just for the record, sewing through cloth with yarn?  Not the best idea unless you like having to re-thread the needle for each girl every five minutes.  If we doubled the yarn and knotted the end it caused too many tangles, so it had to be singles with a hanging end.  The girls would pull, and out would pop the yarn from the eye of the needle.  My eyes nearly went crossed, I redid so many of them!  The other craft was a plastic-canvas craft which required – wait for it – needles and yarn!  Obviously when we planned that one we were momentarily insane.


The parents had been asked to come early and have a meeting with the regular owls, so I was left to entertain the troupe.  We sang a couple of songs, but I could see by their beady  little eyes the children were beginning to suspect I had no idea what I was doing.  The testing started.  Whispering girls over here, wiggling and fidgeting over there.  The circle started to degrade and was now more the shape of a half eaten donut.  I was losing control, man.  It didn’t take long for them to decide that I was in no way in charge.  Thank goodness the meeting finished and the other Owls came to my rescue before the little imps killed me and danced around my carcass.  Don’t think they wouldn’t do it, either.  They may look cute in their little kerchiefs, but what can you expect from miniature deities that worship owls and dance around toadstools?


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked out with my Personal Trainer.  It is supposed to be every other day, but there were scheduling conflicts.  Wednesday we did a body pump class (she is getting her certification to teach it and wanted some of her clients to try it).  Most of it was okay (I was using baby weights), but let me tell you the lunges and squats kicked my arse.  I am just recovering today and can sit and stand without wincing.  I’m still whining about having a sore bum, but I am dramatic like that ;).  Tonight is the first night that I don’t have to rush home, wolf down some food, and be somewhere else.


I made pizza dough last night before bed, so it is make your own pizza night.  Can I call it pizza if I don’t use cheese?  Okay, DH and DD are having pizza and I am eating focaccia with toppings.  How is that?


Well….break is over (and the work-day is almost over as well – busy day!).  Gotta start locking up.  Have a great week-end!



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