Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too tired to blog

Talk about your rough days. I spent most of mine crawling around under desks to find extension numbers written on network cable boxes. The rest of it was spent dangling on the edge of a metal bracket so I could reach cabling that had to be disconnected from HERE and plugged into THERE. Or chasing phone problems. And printing problems. And.....sigh. What a day to be IT back up. One piece of IT equipment craps out, and my day becomes hell. And it is still not all resolved, but I did what I could do. Now it is somebody else's turn to look like a deer caught in the headlights every time they are asked when stuff will be up and running again. I wore bad shoes to be running, crawling, and dangling. I finally just took them off, since they fell off every time I did anything besides standing flat footed anyhow. Managed to get dinner ready without too much trouble - frozen fries, veg gravy from a packet, and meatless chicken nuggets. Okay so I managed to reheat or reconstitute dinner without any trouble. DD added cheese to her fries to make poutine. I added salad to my plate because everything was too brown ;). It actually hit the spot nicely after that day of mine. DD is finished her homework and has a friend over. Dinner is cleaned up and put away. I think I might go knit for a little while. Or read. Anything that doesn't involve a phone or a computer. Or crawling under a desk.

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