Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Of tofu and spiders and dogs in dresses

Well. Long time no blog, eh? I am home sick today and taking advantage of a little laptop time. So much has happened since our last visit, n'est pas?
There has been thanksgiving and a fake tofu turkey. I won't go into details but rest assured this monstrocity was made out of plaster and nobody ate it. I made myself a casserole of soy slices and bread stuffing with veggies and gravy and it was very good if I don't say so myself. I wasn't as tempted by the turkey as I expected, although I have to admit the cabbage rolls almost did me in.
There has been halloween with chocolate licorice spiders and their diabolical candy eyes:
False eyelashes:
And of course dogs in dresses:
This is Ruby in her "born to bark" pink goth dress. I have no idea what is going on with those zombie looking eyes LOL. It is some odd reflection but red-eye removal does nothing to it and I am too lazy to photoshop them. Once again, she was thrilled to be in costume and insisted on sitting in my lap so she could get a good look inside each candy bag as I handed out treats.
DD was a goth fairy princess. She asked me not to post a picture of her and I am honoring that, but she looked great. She did her own make-up and we sprayed her hair with black and red hair spray. It was a beautiful night for trick-or-treating, but we didn't get as many kids as we expected. Oh well. The only problem with having candy left over was that we intentionally bought candy we wouldn't be tempted to eat. Every year I get chocolate bars, and every year I have to run out at the last minute when I discover that "somebody" has not only eaten all those itty bitty treats, but that same "somebody" has left all the wrappers in the empty box. THIS year, in order to protect ourselves (well, at least protect "somebody" from themself) we didn't get chocolate bars. If anybody would like an assortment of gummy body parts (mostly eyeballs, fingers, and noses) you just let me know.
I have been troubled with a deep cough for two weeks. The kind that feels like a tickle in your throat that causes spasmatic gasping coughs, but no matter how much you hack there is no relief. Finally it is no longer that maddening tickle, but it has settled in my chest. My whole body is sore from coughing, and now my chest burns as well. I tried to convince the doctor that I had whooping cough and needed an oxygen tent, but he didn't seem impressed at all. He told me to stay home and rest a couple of days (this is day 2), drink plenty of fluids, and go back if the cough gets worse (worse?!?) or anything changes colour. Ew, BTW. I was only there so he could sign my lab forms anyway, so I should count my blessings that he spoke to me at all LOL. Yes, it is fasting time again. And I know for sure this time I have to pee in a cup. It is so much better when I know ahead of time, and yet, I still probably won't be able to give a sample. I just cannot pee on command. Especially if I know somebody is waiting. Very interested in seeing the results since I have been vegan since, like what, august? If my numbers aren't great then I am eating cabbage rolls for sure!
DD's birthday has come and gone. She had a skating party with her friends, where we rented the entire ice pad for an hour so they could have it to themselves. I think they had fun. Then we met family at a nearby restaurant for pizza. I have to figure out a way to fit people into the house. I mean, it's great not to have to clean up before or after, and it's way less stressful to let somebody else cook. But it is very expensive and I think DD would rather have time to play with her cousins and stuff. This year we had the added problem of carpet stains.
Jasmine has been sick, and ended up having surgery to remove bladder stones. Between bloody urine just dribbling out, vomit, blood from incisions and so on our house is one big hotbed of animal DNA. I wouldn't want to shine a blacklight around here, the place would light up like a christmas tree on steroids. Ew again, BTW. Jasmine is fine now, as far as we can tell. But she still isn't eating very well and throws up every once in a while. Poor baby. Poor very expensive baby. Next time a mortgage payment is due, I am very tempted to plunk the cat on the broker's desk ;).
I think I will go grab my knitting and some herbal tea, wrap myself in a blanket, and indulge in some day time crap tv. I need some wallowing time. Hey, doctor's orders!
*Gratuitous Sparkle photo*


Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad to see you back. I hope you feel better soon. We moved out into the country 3 years ago--therefore--no trick or treaters--I still have to buy Halloween candy. I try to get the stuff we don't like but they don't go for that!! I hope Jasmine is better soon too. I hate when my furbabies are in pain or sick. My daughter(19) and I both read your blog--we have been wondering how you and yours are. Good luck with the pee cup!! My next one is in April. Take care and happy knitting. Sheila aka doxiemom from KT

Liira said...

Dances, glad to see you blogging again.
Have you tried to put your hand under running water (if the sink is close enough to the toilet) to make yourself pee?? I do this at the dr's office when I have to pee on demand and it seems to work. I'm one of those people who avoids public washrooms and if absolutely necessary still can't go if someone is in the stall next to me.

Just the Right Size said...

When I was in the military and we had to give random urine samples (they test for drugs), they would actually have a person WATCH you pee! Talk about shy bladder! Those drug test monitors had to sit directly in front of you and make sure you weren't doing any funny business.

Glad to see you back! Have you lost any weight from your new diet and exercise regimen?