Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuck in a Seinfeld episode

I like to wear sleeveless or short sleeve shirts. Yes, even in the winter. Because, you see, I am used to being overly warm all the time. It is much easier to put on a sweater if you are chilled than it is to strip off a long sleeved shirt when you are too warm at the office - know what I mean? I haven't quite adjusted to being colder now (it's the lower blood pressure I am sure), so I keep a sweater at the office. That way I don't have to remember to bring one and I won't be miserable all day if I forget it and turn out to be cold all day. I threw said sweater on this afternoon and was immediately overwhelmed by some strong, stinky fumes. "Somebody has been wearing my sweater", said Goldilocks, "and that person apparently bathes in cheap perfume". I took it off right away, but the scent had already transferred to my shirt. It was giving me a headache and I just couldn't get away from it. It was like the B.O. from the car, only with a sweater and perfume. I had to endure it all afternoon. Changed the second we got home. And know what? Now I can smell the perfume in my HAIR. Just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind or getting paranoid and imagining phantom smells, I made DD sniff my hair too. "Blech. It smells like the make-up department in Sears". I don't know how annoyed to be. I mean, I don't mind the borrowing so much. But leaving me with a sweater that I can't even stand to be near doesn't seem fair either. I am sure the guilty party has no idea that she smells like a hooker, and it is not MY duty to tell her either. So the sweater goes right into the washing machine (alone, I am not taking any chances that the scent will spread to other clothes while mingling in that dark place) and when I bring it back to work? Hiding it in my drawer.

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