Friday, December 19, 2008

Excuse me, China? Is my cat there?

When Jasmine was a kitten, she loved to dig in her litter box.  Not recreationally - but if she was in there she would dig and dig and dig before she was happy that it was okay to do her business.  And sometimes, she would stop and dig again.
We should have noticed that she was having urinary problems because she stopped digging.  She no longer enjoyed the litter box, my friends.  Anyhow, that is moot because we eventually did notice and she has had surgery and is all fixed up and stuff.  Now that she is feeling better....guess what?  Dig dig dig dig dig.
Most mornings she chooses to visit the box right before my alarm clock goes off.  This disturbs Ruby to no end (and I have no idea why) and makes her restless.  The start of the wake-up routine begins (you know, tongues up the nose and face pawing and stuff).  This morning a snow storm started at about 5:00am, so the sky was sort of bright (What is up with the odd reddish-yellowish colour of the sky when it snows at night anyway?).  This woke the cats earlier than normal, so the entire digging and snurffling routine began earlier than ever.
And the whole time Ruby was trying to sniff INSIDE my nose and put her tongue in my eye while stepping on my hair, the cat was digging to china in the litter box.  The other cat was acting crazy and chasing shadows and running back and forth like a maniac and stopping to harass pretty much everything (mostly because she is Xena and this is what she does - it had nothing to do with digging or snow or wake-up routines).
What does a gal have to do to get some rest around here?  Sheesh.
You know what today is?  Snow-mageddon day.  That's what day it is today.  And do you know where I am?  At work.  That's where I am.  Not only am I at work, I am four different people because they were smarter than I was and chose to stay home.  What is worse is that getting here was a breeze, but at least a good foot more snow has fallen since I got here.  I may not be able to get HOME.  Now that I think about it, if I do get home....I don't think I'll be able to get into my driveway.  Sigh.  At least it's pretty ;).
Ruby generally likes the snow.  But it was blowing needle-like pellets while she was outside this morning.  The wind gusted up as the poor thing was squatted and a wall of snow hit her like a coat of paint.  You know the face humans make when the snow blows at them?  Squinched up and eyes squinted and half turned with a look of disgust?  Yeah.  Ruby made that face.  She looked like a snow man when she came in.
Well, back to the grindstone.


Anonymous said...

Hey are you ok? its been a while since we've heard from you.... Miss you..

Anonymous said...

Got that book written yet? I also miss your commentaries! How's work, economy, your health, Ruby, etc. Give us our daily giggles back. We need them.