Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ruby Doodle

The blood test results came back. All her levels that determine organ function are normal. But her white blood cells, the ones specifically for fighting infection, are high. She also has a high level of a precurser that shows a possible infection is ongoing.

Pairing that with the fact that she is peeing more often (but not as much each time), is off her regular food but sometimes takes other things, and that her temp is slightly more elevated today than it was yesterday (and yesterday it was 1/2 a degree high), the vet is thinking maybe bladder infection. He gave her a new shot - a broad spectrum antibiotic that works very quickly and has good results. So now we are waiting to see if there is any improvement. If not, we will start thinking again about taking her to the states to have that ultrasound done on her heart. I am hoping beyond hope that it IS a bladder infection, because that is treatable and the prognosis is good. I did some searching on heart issues, and frankly, the results are never very happy.

As an aside, I think she is starting to LIKE that office LOL. She walked up immediately on the scale again today, and sat there looking at me patiently. She went over to the office cat and tried to give her kisses (her name is Casper, and apprently she does NOT want pug kisses). She investigated every corner and took special notice to a small statue of a golden lab they have in the waiting room. She was fascinated with it, and wagged her tail as she sniffed. Hey, I never said she was the smartest crayon in the box. She can wag her tail at inanimate objects all she wants as long as she gets better.

She let one of the vet techs clean her eyes with a kleenex (she is very good about that. Even DD can do it) and she took a treat from her, albeit when it was broken into small bites. So she is hungry, she just doesn't want her kibble. It kind of makes sense, if you think about it. If her bladder infection is causing pain and discomfort it might even be making her naseaus. She may be associating the pain with her food, and with the lawn. See, I have noticed that she seems afraid to go onto the back lawn the last two days. But I thought it was because we had a really windy day and the pool moved a bit. DD also left some toys on the lawn. Ruby does NOT like when things change or new things appear. But now that I think back, she even acts funny in the FRONT yard. Maybe if it hurts to pee, and she has avoidance syndrome LOL, that is why she is avoiding the lawn. Or I may be grasping at straws.

Either way, keep keeping your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ruby update

This morning Ruby refused her breakfast. She did not eat dinner last night either. And if you know pugs, that is a BIG DEAL to miss two meals! I brought her in to the vet, where she had x-rays done. Everything looks good except for her heart - which looks large. Now, it could be that her heart is enlarged. Or it could be that due to her squishy pug anatomy it has always been that way. We have no benchmark to check and make sure. It does look like there might be a bit of fluid at the top of one of her lungs, but he does not hear anything unusual with the stethescope. He took some blood, and we will get the results back tomorrow. We just want to see what her levels are of whatever. We agreed that if she doesn't perk up once the labs come back and we see if there is anything there, that we will get an ultrasound of her heart done. There are no good options locally but right across the border for the same price I can get a colour ultrasound that can show blood flow and everything with results read by a cardiologist. If I get it done here, it is black and white and the images have to be sent to a cardiologist to be read (which takes longer, and would have to be retaken if the cardiologist wants a different view). I could drive her to Guelph, but it is a 3 hour drive one way and it actually costs more there. Plus the wait is longer. Long waits, having to relocate for treatment, outdated technology. I guess the health care system in Canada is the same even for dogs ;). Since getting home and having a good rest, she sounds and is acting a bit better. She even ate a few bites of dinner. We stood up and cheered LOLOL. Her breathing seems to have slowed down a bit as well. Although, she still isn't lying down. Right now she is sitting on the floor by my feet, with her eyelids drooping. If she does lie down she fidgets and kicks her feet out like she can't get comfortable. So cross your fingers please. Because we are talking some major wailing, weeping, and throwing selves upon graves if anything happens to my baby Roo-Roo!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What was the point again?

Dh was asked to come in early for work. On Day shift, that means he starts at 3:00am. He said why not, since he could leave 1/2 day early and still end up getting paid for more than eight hours because part of it is considered overtime from the day before. How it made sense to go in early then LEAVE early I will never understand. If they need extra help, doesn't that mean he left them short this afternoon? Whatever LOL. So he went to bed at like 7 pm last night and was up at about 2 am and gone. He came home about 11 this morning and is now back in bed sleeping. Hmmm. Slept all evening yesterday, gone then is now sleeping again. How exactly did that put him ahead? He said he wanted to do it to "spend more time with his family" but it seems like he has spent LESS time, doesn't it? Or is my math wrong? Anyway, he decided that he doesn't like it and won't be going in early again. Staying later is one thing, but getting up in the middle of the night is not his schtick. Ruby is not feeling well. She has been moping around, and barely looked at her breakfast this morning. She finally ate it after staring sadly for almost an hour. Which scared me half to death because when a pug does not eat, you KNOW something is wrong. She doesn't seem sick exactly, and I touched her all over and nothing seems to hurt. She has been gassy though - killer burps this time. Maybe something is not agreeing with her. As to what that might be? Your guess is as good as mine. She gets dry dog food, small treats, and the occasional baby carrot from us. But this is a doggie that will eat sock lint, happily crunch up crickets and slurp up worms from the patio on rainy days, and will attempt to eat the same paper dot about six times before leaving it on the end of her nose for me to pick off. She doesn't chew things or eat toys or anything though. I called the vet and we agreed that if she doesn't perk up later and eat her dinner as normal I will bring her in tomorrow. It's time for her shots again anyway. Speaking of shots, I am scared to death about them. Last year she had a reaction after getting them and her lips and face swelled up. Then her paws got all itchy and she acted like she couldn't walk. It was horrible and I still haven't recovered from it. Talk about hysterical! DH said I was calmer when DD got hurt last summer. I told him that was because I knew I had to control the situation and I knew what needed to be done. When Ruby reacted to the shot I had no idea what to do. It went from "What the heck?" to "She isn't breathing right" in about four minutes. Scary stuff. This time I have to leave her there for a few hours afterwards to make sure it doesn't happen again, and they might give her something at the same time just in case. I think I will take a blanket and bundle up with Roo-roo on the couch for some snuggle time.

Monday, March 31, 2008

About that chihuahua

Some of you have asked what I said to Ruby in the video. I am, in fact, asking if she would like a chihuahua for christmas ROFL! I have blogged about it before, that I had jokingly said it to her once while telling DH I was thinking about getting one to keep Ruby company. He said she didn't want one, so I asked her. Apparently, in pug (which is supiciously close to klingon in some respects) that sentence roughly translates to "Ruby, do you want to come with us?" and elicited such a dance of joy that we couldn't deny her a car ride. So of course, like all things funny, we would say it often. Whenever we were going on a car ride and she could come with us, mostly. But a few times just to see what she would do. Somewhere along the line she has realized that the mirth that ensues is directed AT her and we are not laughing in the glee that is going for a car ride. And once she figured out we were laughing at HER, well, she was not amused LOLOL. Now when we say it we get the crazy eyeballs, and she will snap her head around to see if you are laughing at all. Poor thing. We've ruined her for chihuahuas ;). I have earth shattering news for you all. I cleaned the bathroom. That's right. I even cleaned the disgusting bath tub. Do men just have some sort of filter that makes it so they do not see a disgusting soap scum ring around the tub? DH is the only person I know that can clean the bathroom but not touch the sink, toilet, or tub while doing it. Oh yeah, and not clean the floor either. So what exactly is he cleaning in there? Maybe I don't want to know. I am having such a sweet craving today. Not for candy or chocolate (of course not, since there is a hundred pounds of the stuff available to me from DD's easter baskets) but for some kind of baked good. I don't know what exactly. Not a blueberry muffin or a donut. Not cake. Definitely not pie *shudder*. Maybe puff pastry with custard or pastry cream, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. Now THAT would be good. In a pinch, I think a crappy Passion Flakey would do. I don't often crave sweet things, so I am almost afraid to ignore it LOL. Another thing I managed to accomplish today? Bean soup! I was given some leftover easter ham. I personally love ham and eggs or even just eating it cold as is, but DH and DD are not fans (although in general they LOVE ham) and usually aren't into casseroles. Small pea beans (they looked like the beans in pork'n'beans once they were done soaking, which I thought were navy beans but those are bigger now that I think of it), one carrot tourned into chunks, one onion cut into quarters, and enough water to cover. Once they were cooked I added some pork flavoured bouillon cubes I had, which worked really well since I didn't have a ham bone to make my own ham stock. Added a bit of thyme and a pinch of rosemary, one garlic clove mashed with salt, and a dash of sherry vinegar. Stirred in the chopped ham and let it all simmer until it was a little thicker and the flavours blended a bit. I like my bean soup relatively brothy. Still hearty, but not too thick. And it is gooooooooood! It will get better as it sits too, I can already tell. Some of it will go into the freezer, and a container or two will be sent to the person who donated the ham to the cause. The rest? Mine all mine! Bwa ha ha haaaaaa! DH and DD have expressed interest in it - they could smell the intoxicating aroma when they came home. I quickly stated it had carrots and onions in it and lots of veggies and they wouldn't possibly like it at all. In fact, it was gross and I was thinking about just dumping it out. No, they don't want any of it for sure. They wandered away as I did the evil hand clasp, and I think they are suspicious. I'll have to put a lock on the soup pot.