Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dragon Breath!

Yep, that's my name today! Second time this week I ate so much garlic that I could knock over a small village in transylvania. When I went to lunch with my sister I had chicken shawarma. It came with batata harra - roasted potatoes tossed with a mixture of parsley, lemon juice, and garlic. A LOT of garlic. There was also a dish of white sauce that tasted like garlic with a bit of lemon juice, salt, and whipped with olive oil to a mayo consistency. No mint in the world could stand up to THAT meal. Then last night I cooked up a batch of lentils and a batch of rice to put in the fridge. I took out about 1/2 cup of lentils and mixed them with chopped grape tomatoes and onions. Then I crushed a clove of garlic with salt and lemon juice then whisked in some olive oil. Stirred this into the lentil mixture and allowed it to sit overnight. For lunch today I heated some of the basmati rice, then stirred in the cold marinated lentils. A splash of fresh lemon juice to wake it up, some pepper and hot sauce, and WOW. I ate it with some pita I made earlier in the week. The mix of hot rice and cold lentils makes a sort of warm salad. If I had some plain yogurt I would have stirred in a spoon of that as well. I sprinkled on some dukkah I had left over (mine was pepitos and walnuts, whirred with sesame and nigella seed, then tossed with sumac and a bit of salt) but normally you would dip warm fresh bread in olive oil then into the seed mixture. Devine! Next up? Tonight I want to make hummous. Yum Yum Yum! Yoga almost did me in today. It was back strengthening asanas, done with a starting position of lying down, sometimes with forehead or chin to the floor. Do NOT do positions that trap your breath near you after having raw garlic and onions in your lunch. Phew! At that to the fact that I have ZERO flexibility and ZERO strength overall and even less in my back, and....well...the hostess looked graceful and serene during these poses. I looked, sounded, and perhaps even smelled like a dyspeptic walrus. At least there was no gas, we can all be thankful for THAT. I know the purpose of yoga is focus and control. But I have to confess if I were in a class and somebody tooted, I would lose focus and probably giggle uncontrollably. I don't know why, I don't find bodily sounds particularly funny. It's more of a nervous kind of laughter. See, my inner soul is comfortable with the human body and all it's functions. My outer mind however refuses to admit that the body has functions at all. When the two come together my brain can't handle it and short circuits. To hide this fact from predators, my defence mechanism does the only thing it can on limited resources. PUSH THE NERVOUS LAUGHTER BUTTON! Ugh. Sometimes it pushes the "surprised snort" button. Either way, I think the primary goal is to confuse my enemies long enough to get away once I come to my senses. I don't know why my mind thinks enemies lurk like wolves in places like yoga classes, church, or award ceremonies but such ocassions do seem to increase the chances that diversion tactics are needed while my neurons fry like little fishies. See why I am trying this yoga business in my own home behind closed doors? I am a menace. *I intercept this blog to take a moment and shake my head as my daughter sings along with the theme song from "Suite life of Zac and Cody" from the BATHROOM - complete with tapping feet. I interruped her to ask what she was doing and was informed "I am POOPING if you don't mind". Well pardon me. It sounded like there was a Disney Channel audition going on in there. Sheesh!* I have a parent's meeting tonight, so I better go brush my teeth a thousand times and eat a handful of fresh parsley. It won't help the breath (or the fumes coming from my pores at this point) but maybe I'll get a green thing stuck in my teeth and the other parents will keep their distance so they won't stare at it. Yeah. That just might work. *nervous giggle*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I shouldn't post today

I feel the universe is trying to tell me just to go back to bed and not do anything today. I won't go into all the details because they are mostly tiny things of little significance that are not connected, but under their sheer weight I am being crushed. Not even very bad things or anything. Just THINGS. For example. A moment ago I realized my underwear has been on inside out all day. How could I have not noticed this before???? And why does that knowledge shatter me? But yet, it does. I am going to do my yoga now. If DD giggles once or says ANYTHING about the size of my patoot I am sending her to live with the gypsies.

Monday, May 12, 2008

One good day, one not so good day

Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with my family. My brother hosted a BBQ in his backyard, and the deal was that our men were to bring a side dish to share as well as char us up some protein of our choice. It was a beautiful day, sunny yet cool. Everything was very good (we brought pork chops, and it seemed like EVERYBODY had them too LOL!). DH and DD made chocolate cake and cherry chip cupcakes. They were hilarious to watch, seeing as they were mixes but you would have thought they were on iron chef ;). As the day wore down to evening my brother lit a fire in his firepit, which was welcome because it had become chilly but it was still so nice out. We stayed into the night, with the kids joyfully making s'mores right before we left. A nice time was had by all. Sunday? Well, Sunday was cold cold cold and rainy rainy rainy. The annoying sideways kind of rain that gets in your ear. I HATE that. Anyway, DD visited with MIL while DH and I did such fun things as clean the house and grocery shop. Then we picked up DD and MIL and went for dinner. The restaurant was very crowded already even though we were extremely early. Most were large parties, so we only waited about 5 minutes or so since we were only 4. To hear MIL tell it though we were standing at the door until midnight. She kept saying "maybe we should go to the chicken place" (Swiss Chalet to the uninitiated). "I bet there is no waiting at the chicken place". "Too bad Dances doesn't like the chicken place because we always get a seat right away". Now mind you, she continued to comment well after we were seated, and even after we had eaten and were on our way to take her home. That woman gives me a headache. The food itself was good though. With that fact, and that DH and DD had served me breakfast in bed (pancakes, sausages, and coffee. DD delivered me the ketchup for my sausages with quite a flourish LOL) I have to say that all in all Mother's Day weekend was pretty good. If the weather had been better Sunday DH and I would have gone plant shopping as my gift, but it was too cold and windy and rainy. I like to take my time and browse and touch and feel every shrub and plant. Maybe some time this week if the weather improves, as DH is on afternoons and has the day to roam with me while DD is at school. I gave my mother home made rhubarb jelly, two crocheted cotton bath puffs, and two knitted washcloths. The net scrubbies and bath poofs scratch her legs (her lupus is attacking her skin in spots on her legs) so I am hoping these cotton ones will work better for her. I gathered the middles into 'knobs' to make them easier to grip as well - she has bad hands. Now, in my mind, my gift was thoughtful and personal. A bit of spring in a jar using the rhubarb from her family lineage (that she waxes poetic about occasionally), and items made with just her in mind. It continues to surprise me that there are people that view things like this as "free" and "cheap" even though hours of my time and thought and planning ahead by weeks were involved. Oh well. I won't make any jam for THOSE people ;). I made another batch of Arabian Pita bread today, using all white flour. I am still impressed. I still cannot roll dough into a circle to save my life. It seems my starter is still alive and well! I also have a batch of whole wheat bread dough on the rise. I sifted out the bran flakes, ran them through the spice grinder and mixed them back in. Hopefully this will work out well. I plan on baking this batch in a loaf tin to get more uniform slices. We'll see how it goes - especially since I used 100% whole wheat and no white flour in the recipe. I have started Yoga (sort of again, as I dabbled with it years ago but never kept it up) and the session this morning was very challenging. No flexibility, no balance, no strength. I think as far as starting points go, I should be rated BELOW zero! It amazes me that a person can be so still and work up such a sweat! You would think I was running in place or lifting weights or something. Ruby is getting used to this. She no longer tries to lie on the mat underneath me while I do poses, nor tries to climb onto my back like a mountain goat. She lies a respectful distance away on the floor next to me. She learned early on that when I lose my balance and fall, I have NO control over my direction and even if you are the cutest snuggliest and snortiest doggie ever I WILL stomp you. When I am done and start rolling up the mat, she stands up and does a BIIIIIG stretch - she does the best downward facing dog I have ever seen;). She even stretches out her paws and extends her toes, then she arches her back upwards and stretches her back legs. It is hilarious. Apparently she is so puggily fit that these are all the poses she needs to keep her piglet figure. If only I were so lucky.