Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Lexi!

My sister and her family are going away for the week-end, so their poodle Lexi is visiting here with us. She is absolutely adorable, in a mini labradoodle way ;). She is supposed to be a purebred mini (toy? I can never remember) poodle, but she has such long legs and a log body and runs around like crazy with her tongue hanging out. It reminds us of a tiny lab, so we call her labradoodle LOL.

Watching her and Ruby together is like seeing the before and after pics on a commercial for thyroid medicine. Here is Ruby, pudgy, walking around like dodey-do-dodey-do. Then there is Lexi, who runs around at the speed of light. In the yard, Ruby basically stands still and watches Lexi run circles around her at a million miles per hour. Then Lexi stops, pees, maybe poops, then starts the circles again. Ruby just watches her like "What are you ON?" LOLOL. I have never seen Ruby so excited to see another dog, as she was when Lexi walked in. They even PLAYED.

That's right! Ruby PLAYED. With a DOG. She was walking and Lexi was running and managed to get behind her. There is nothing Ruby likes more than being chased (well, okay, maybe food). She was so happy and excited that somebody was chasing her that it prompted an all out pug run. Although I don't know if you can still say a dog is chasing you if she passes you twice. Ruby, being the polite host, went and got out her toys for the visiter. This has not turned out well so far. It seems while Lexi can play with other dogs with toys, for some reason she is "guarding" them with Ruby. I am sure they are just working out their places and I am not worried at all. Ruby backed off the first couple of times, then got on her "Oh no you ditn't" scrunchy face and held her ground. Lexi backed off, mumbling the entire way, and climbed up on my lap. Very interesting! Moments later they were back to running around and licking faces again. She also "spoke" to Ruby while they were eating their treats after coming inside from a potty break. Ruby never even looked at Lexi's treat ROFL. Poodles are funny little things.

I may have mentioned this before, but my sister is....well shall we say.....better 'endowed' than I am. Lexi keeps climbing up on my chest then looks disappointed that she has to CLING with her paws to stay there. Apparently my "shelf" is not as stable as she is used to ;). She is very much a lap dog. Earlier I was trying to read the paper with a poodle perched on my chest and a pug across my lap, neither of which took kindly to having any part of a page touching them. And goodness forbid I turn the page too fast and make a rustling sound. Sheesh. She also stands up to look at things like a prairie dog, which cracks me up because she is so tall that way, but wide she is pencil thin.

There is something else that Lexi is famous for. She is a licker. She loves to lick constantly. She gives lick attacks. One minute you are sitting by yourself sipping a coffee, the next minute she lands on you and tries to put her tongue anywhere she can get it. Her favourite trick? She licks your eyeball. When you scream about that, she puts her tongue in your mouth. As you clap your hand over your mouth, and turn your head with a "mmmph!" she sticks her tongue in your EAR. The more you fuss and try to evade her the harder she tries to get you. See this picture? I was trying to snap a close up shot while holding her. Right as I pushed the button, she turned her head and got me right up the nose. Right UP the nose. Not like Ruby, we are talking sinus cleansing here. Then again, I might have needed that right about now LOL. I am sure this week-end will prove to be entertaining.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snort, snork, sneeze!

No, not Ruby. Me! Is it allergies? Sinus? A cold? Who knows. But I want to snuggle up in blankets and watch daytime tv (Dr. Phil, Oprah, Judge Judy, you know the drill) while drinking hot tea or chocolate. Pugs and cats snuggling in as well, please. I still did my yoga this morning, and it was back postures too. Those are the hardest for me. My back is not very strong, and I have to be careful not to hurt myself - if another disc pops I am done like a dinner. They say that yoga is enlightening. And I have to admit, it sure is turning out to be - for me at least. For example. My big belly gets in my way a lot more than I would ever have imagined. Do you know what it is like to try a move, be flexible enough and strong enough but not able to complete the stretch because your BELLY is in the way? I am not pregnant. I do not drink beer. It seems so unfair. Also I am a freak. See, my legs from the knee to the sole of the foot are longer than my arms. Doing the lunge stretch is very difficult, because even up on my fingertips I can barely reach the floor. Sad, isn't it? The boobs don't help either. I guess I have to get a couple foam blocks. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there won't be any 'wrapping my legs around my neck' any time soon. I can barely keep my legs straight out in front of me, we won't talk about anything harder. "In yoga we do not judge". I am not JUDGING. I calls 'em as I sees 'em. Tee hee! Ruby smells so good, she was groomed yesterday. Her nails are nice and short, and she smells like bubblegum. In another day she is going to smell like taco chips and gym socks, so we will enjoy it while it lasts LOL. And the best part? They pinned a pink and white bow to her harness (which is pink) and she looked absolutely adorable. Her leash is pink as well, with rhinestones on it ROFL. She looked so dainty and girly as we walked out of the store. I am going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate. And not the sugar free stuff, either!