Saturday, July 26, 2008

Xena fly trap

Not a venus fly trap. We have a Xena fly trap. There are some basic differences. When a fly touches a venus fly trap, fluids are released inside causing tension (tersion?), which makes the two sides close around the insect invador. Then it is slowly digested. When a fly buzzes a Xena fly trap, it makes her eyes dialate, her chin quiver as she makes "chitchitchit" sounds, and causes a rush of adrenaline to be released inside making her bounce off walls and knock things off tables. If the fly manages to escape the clutches of the venus fly trap, it simply flies away to fight another day. If a fly escapes the grasp of a Xena fly trap, she continues to track it all over the house. More bouncing off walls and breaking stuff. A venus fly trap digests the insides of the insect. The dry, empty exoskeleton blows away - leaving no trace of what happened. A Xena fly trap menaces the fly until it is too tired and damaged to live. Then she leaves it where it lies, since a dead fly is not fun that is funny. The leavings are often in a place directly where bare human feet will step. It is one thing to step on poop or a hairball. It is another entirely to squish a barely dead fly while walking into the bathroom half asleep. Even more disturbing is the fact that a dead fly is not interesting to investigating pugs, but a squished dead fly apparently smells much more appealing and a tasting is often in order. I do not know what is worse, if the pug enjoys the squished treat and finishs it off, or when she does not and spits it out back onto the floor. Blech. I do not believe that there is a link between venus fly traps and pugs, but in this house there is a love-hate link between the Xena fly trap and Ruby. A venus fly trap grows best in boggy areas with a lot of moisture. A Xena fly trap avoids moisture at all costs, unless it is in a glass or her water bowl. However they do both enjoy periods in the sun. Xena is black, and when she lies in a sunbeam she gets so toasty and warm, there are times when I just want to put my chilly feet under her. But that brings us to another important point. To anything larger than an insect, a venus fly trap is harmless. Xena fly traps are not so innocuous. They bite. They especially like to bite toes. I suppose it could be worse. We could be living with a Xena catch-hornets-and-bring-them-to-mommy. *Shudder*.