Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exercise kicks my butt

Crunches suck. Double crunches I am sure came directly from the imagination of satan. And leg lifts? Leg lifts illicit language from my angelic mouth that would make a sailor call his mama and cry. There is this thing where you lie on your side, lift your leg just a bit, point your toe, and sort of draw little circles in the air. Not BIG circles. Big roundy circles are easy. No, leeetle circles. Easy, right? Twenty little circles made me sweat through my clothes, utter two words I've never heard myself say, and wish for a calamity to befall the club I was in so that I would have a good excuse to stop. Another diabolical maneuver entails lying on your back and holding a yoga ball suspended over your lower abdomen. Then you simply (!) lift your legs one at a time to touch the ball without putting them completely down until you have done 20 on each side. Good crikey. After TWO on each side my hair was soaked, I was shaking with the effort, and considered cutting off my legs at the knee to make them lighter to lift. On the upside however, I have discovered I like boxing. Well, not REAL boxing. I like wearing pink boxing gloves and hitting the padded hands of a trainer in various patterns. Left, right, left, uppercut. Right, left, right, uppercut. Rapid jabs on the left, rapid jabs from the right. Alternating hands. The first few hits were pretty wimpy. Believe it or not, it is not in my normal nature to haul off and hit somebody. Well, at least not without a good reason. But as it continued and I realized that it was not hurting her and, after all, it was HER suggestion to do this...I got into it. It really is a workout. Holding your arms up (to protect your face I presume) and swinging the arms takes more work than it looks. Add some footwork (set number of punches, run and touch a wall, come back and do so many punches, then run and touch the wall, and so on) and you got your strength training AND cardio in one puncherific activity. Pretty cool. I wonder if I could get DH to wear some padding ;). Anyway. Enough about all that. I am sure I can find something else to whine about. Like going back-to-school shopping for DD tonight! By the time we were done the child was grounded, DH was not talking to either of us, and my eye was twitching. We managed to get all her school supplies except lined paper, glue, and a new lunch bag. We didn't fare so great on the clothing front. There were some clearance shirts that would be perfect for the warmer afternoons, then layering under a hoody or light jacket for the cool mornings or air conditioning. No good "outfits" though. She still has a lot of long sleeved shirts and a drawer full of jeans she HAD to have but refuses to wear. Well, it's either wear them or go to school in her unders. I sense she will decide the jeans are wearable after all. I wanted to get her another pair of croc style shoes but they didn't have any in her size where we were and I didn't think I would survive another store tonight. It is past my bedtime as it is. Wish me luck tomorrow. I have a date with my personal trainer (Hi Bonnie!). I suspect there are more crunches and a yoga ball with my name on it.