Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too tired to blog

Talk about your rough days. I spent most of mine crawling around under desks to find extension numbers written on network cable boxes. The rest of it was spent dangling on the edge of a metal bracket so I could reach cabling that had to be disconnected from HERE and plugged into THERE. Or chasing phone problems. And printing problems. And.....sigh. What a day to be IT back up. One piece of IT equipment craps out, and my day becomes hell. And it is still not all resolved, but I did what I could do. Now it is somebody else's turn to look like a deer caught in the headlights every time they are asked when stuff will be up and running again. I wore bad shoes to be running, crawling, and dangling. I finally just took them off, since they fell off every time I did anything besides standing flat footed anyhow. Managed to get dinner ready without too much trouble - frozen fries, veg gravy from a packet, and meatless chicken nuggets. Okay so I managed to reheat or reconstitute dinner without any trouble. DD added cheese to her fries to make poutine. I added salad to my plate because everything was too brown ;). It actually hit the spot nicely after that day of mine. DD is finished her homework and has a friend over. Dinner is cleaned up and put away. I think I might go knit for a little while. Or read. Anything that doesn't involve a phone or a computer. Or crawling under a desk.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A crooked little woman....

Except I do not live in a crooked little house. I am so angry with myself. I know I am not allowed to carry. I know computer towers are the worst. But on Friday I was stuck with one in the middle of a bad area, standing by my car and being approached by some unsavory characters. So I hurled it into the trunk in a panic - just wanting to get the heck outta there. The moment it slid from my hands I felt a very bad feeling. A very painful feeling. The gut-twisting-charley-horse-all-over-the-body, you-just-popped-a-disc-darling feeling. (Stop reading now, mom and dad). FUCK. (Okay, the bad word is over. You can start reading again). The pain is tolerable but staying upright to walk is harder than it should be. And my guts still feel like they are twisting. Did I mention I was crooked? The top half of my body has a lean to the left, and my right hip juts out. If I got stuck on a mild incline I would most likely walk in circles until some kind soul gave me a shove. Sigh. The worst part? My personal trainer is afraid to continue with the program until she is sure my back is all better. That might be NEVER. I don't want her to drop me totally. Maybe I can talk her out of doing the body pump thing and just keeping up the personalized workouts for the rest of the weeks. I really really really don't want to stop! I am seeing so many improvements. Drat. Well, off to see her tonight. Cross your fingers for me that she doesn't drop me. Vegan comfort food is just sad.