Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bring me food!

I have an intense craving for a club house sandwich. With real turkey, bacon, and EXTRA mayo. Which is odd, because normally I would pick the bacon off and eat it separately. Well, normally before I became vegan. Now I don't eat it at all (nor the turkey, and not regular mayo either). My favourite favourite "club" is one made layered on a soft pita, with real turkey and shaved ham. Add a side of fries and gravy and I would be set. Sigh. I can sub for the bacon (bacos are fine, and there is Yves veggie bacon strips that I like as well) and vegenaise is excellent mayo. But nothing to sub for the turkey. It's a texture thing - it has to be there. Any seitan type products taste so wheat-gluten-ey they make me gag. A fake BLT? Just won't cut it. I think I just might have to pick myself up a triple decker club house sandwich complete with the fixings. Oh, and an extra pickle too please. Apparently a single apple-cranberry-flax english muffin is not enough for breakfast and makes me crave stuff. Now I want poutine, pizza with double cheese and every topping they have, and a gyro.

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Anonymous said...

well, did you???

enquiring minds want to know. really dances, if you are going to let work get in the way of blogging, we may have to stop being friends, lol.

anettemartinrn from kt