Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey, it's on me.

Since getting married, my in-laws have always wanted to be very involved. With everything. Not only in the sense of knowing what is going on, but being part of the whole process from beginning to end. Wait a minute, make that in CHARGE of the whole process. When we didn't pick carpet colours they wanted (hey, it's OUR house!) FIL actually went and tried to change them. The smart carpet guy remembered that I was there when the order was made, and was NOT there when the changes were requested. "I ain't going against no wife without making sure she wants it changed". Smart man. At some point they realized that I have a stronger personality than their son, and like to make my own decisions. So they began to appeal to DH's cheap side and started offering to pay for things. This was mostly so they could pick out what THEY wanted us to have. When we put the bathroom in the basement they wanted a different sink and toilet and shower stall so FIL said "I'll tell you what. The bathroom is on us, a housewarming gift. I'll take care of it all". Of course, this meant choosing the sink and toilet and shower stall that he wanted and having some guy install it with no permits. We paid for everything up front (with the assurance that we would be paid back), and I insisted on permits. Did the money ever get paid to us? No. MIL still to this day talks about the lovely bathroom they "gave" us. This was a pattern that started to repeat. "You like that comfortor set? It's on us". Hmmmm. If the bedding is on MY credit card and I never see the money for it, why do they keep insisted it was a present??? Now that FIL has passed on, MIL has continued this tradition. Coat shopping for DD, she wanted a fancy coat that was not weatherproof and we were only planning on buying ONE coat, a winter coat. "Tell you what. She wants the other coat too? It's on me. Call it a birthday present". It was a birthday present all right. And I gave it to her, because no coinage passed hands. Every time DD wears the coat in her presence she makes a big deal about it being from HER. I have to bite my tongue each time. DH and I were planning on getting a WII as a family present for Christmas. MIL decided that we should find it, buy it, and it would be FROM HER - you know, since she couldn't get around to look for one being a non-driver and all. The microwave "she" bought for her sister for christmas was also technically from us (of course, it was my costco card so I had to pay, because her card expired and she didn't want to pay the membership fee just then). She sure gives expensive gifts. So expensive I think I might go broke from her generosity ;). I have only just realized what a beautiful scam this is. It's almost like Seinfeld and taking credit for the big salad you had no part in ordering or paying for. Just think, you can take credit for ANYTHING and never have to pay a penny! Oh, you just bought a new house? How nice. Know what? I like you. The house is on me, how about that! Now let's talk about those ugly tiles you picked. I much prefer pink polka dots. After all, it IS from me. Or that car? Hey, it's from me! You go ahead and make ALL the payments but make sure you give me credit, okay? And never mind that beige you wanted. Purple is all the rage this year. Sheesh. (Can you tell the bills just came in from Christmas? *snort*)


Anonymous said...

And not like she's going to hand over the cash to repay you.... Nothing quite like the family you're stuck with - unlike the friends you get to pick...

Anonymous said...

I hate to be mean-spirited, but do these people even have ANY friends?
Good gosh!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dances, how is it that you can make a sorry tale like the one about your MIL be so funny?!! Not funny while it's happening, I'm sure, but the way you write just cracks me up.


Toni said...

I'm starting to wonder if your husband is richer than you know. He's calling her nuts and stashing the cash.
Your going to thinking I've reading to many stories.
I guess life IS stranger than fiction. Your handling her better than I could. Sometimes just letting it go buy is better than an argument. In this case she's more annoying than most MIL's. Picking out your carpet, how do you keep up Dances? As they say, You've come along way baby! (said in the most respectful way..)