Saturday, January 31, 2009

There is a new man in my life.

Well, he is more like a boy. Barely a teenager, some would say. And yet I am completely in love. And here he is:
His name is Max. He is 7 months old. While he was born into a good home, he was sold into another and not treated very well. He was given back, but the damage had already been done. Skittish, afraid of children, and every time you move your hands he acts like you are going to hit him.
The first day he came here, he wouldn't come near me. Just cowered behind DH's legs. Somehow, the first night, something changed. All of a sudden, he became MY dog. How does this happen? I mean, it's not like I am particularly wonderful or anything. Beasts just become attached to me. What can I say?
He has been here for a little over a week, and has improved by leaps and bounds. He no longer cowers, and his personality is starting to come out. He plays now, and no longer cringes when you move your hands. Which is really nice because I tend to gesture a LOT while I talk.
Talk about a sweet heart! He will cuddle for hours, and let you kiss him all over his face. Including his NOSE! I finally get to kiss a pug nose! Hurray! He loves to be carried around, and if you wrap him in a blanket like a baby he just soaks it all in. Ahem. According to a valuable source, of course. *cough*. The hard part about that, is that while he is just a pup by dog standards, he is basically full grown and weighs 21 pounds! He's much taller and longer than Ruby, and is not overweight at all. In fact, we have to watch to make sure he doesn't lose any. What a trip eh? And talk about long. His legs dangle down over your arms like a grasshoppers.
*Never mind how I look in this picture. I wasn't feeling well*
He has already learned sit and "pug dancing", and blessedly came potty trained. We need to work on a few other tricks, and he has a nasty habit of running at DD barking like a maniac and challenging her. She can touch him and kiss him and such, but if she walks into or out of a room, he barks and growls and rushes at her. So far no fur up, snarling, or biting. But a few times he has jumped up and pushed her with his front paws. He was abused by children in the past, so we have to retrain him on that issue.
Ruby just adores him. She kisses his face and wags her tail. But don't be fooled, she is the QUEEN of this house. Already, one look from her and Max drops to the floor and rolls over in a submissive gesture. Nobody messes with Ruby's bear! A few times he has laid next to her, and she let him. See, Ruby is not used to other animals touching her. She gets nervous. After all, usually when the cats "touch" her it involves a swat. When he tried to rest his head on her she called it quits. Too much too soon I guess ROFL. Right now Ruby is under the desk on a blanket, and Max is on the futon - which is officially Jasmine's spot but she isn't using it right now.
Max is very much like Ruby in that he doesn't chase the cats unless they run and really seem interesting at the moment. Both have stopped mid-chase and gave him a piece of their mind, which resulted in a streak of black lightning appearing behind my legs, bewildered and subdued. Hey, a guy has to learn his place, right?
Now when I sit and knit or read on the couch, I usually have a pug on one side, a pug on the other, and a cat on my lap. They keep me warm. Just doing our part to keep the energy bills down!
*Say NOTHING about the christmas decorations in the background. They are gone now, and it is not child abuse to have the decorations up after January as long as the tree is not real and it is not June yet.*


Anonymous said...

Glad Max found a good home finally. He sure looks happy.


Anonymous said...

Ditto to the above comment...bless his little puggy heart.