Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Come rub my hands

Work has been busy busy busy. Between computer work, grinding keys on a polishing wheel, clipping the little chains on ID's, and programming work at home to the late hours of the hands are ACHING. Particulary my right one. And *whine whine whine* I got a metal burr stuck in my finger today and it hurts like a paper cut and my feet are cold and my ears are itchy *whine whine whine*. Tee hee!
Really though, I am beat. DD has been feeling poorly (low grade fever, and listless) the last few days so I am up a few times a night with her as well. Not exactly conducive to rest. I keep trying to press the snooze button in the morning, but Max knows that beep means BREAKFAST! No way is he letting me go back to sleep. All pugs love their food, and Ruby surely lets us know when her next meal is due. But 6:15 am? Yeah, she would rather sleep a little bit longer thank you. I had to look up "conducive" just now. Doesn't it look wrong? I figured it HAD to be wrong. Odd how some words just never look right, eh?
I am off to bed now. Night night. Wishing you gentle pug snores and warm fuzzy fur-babies to curl up with!

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Anonymous said...

You sure look toasty warm with a pug hat, pug boot and kitty blanket.
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