Thursday, February 12, 2009

What does a vegan eat at the Florida State Fair?

Well let’s see. First there is the assortment of “deep fried” goodies. If anybody was brave enough to try a deep fried pepsi ball, please let me know. I was dying of curiosity but way too scared to even inquire about them. Just to be fair, they did have these.
See that? Deep fried vegetables. And just about any variety of fried potato imaginable. Ribbons fried up like a great big anemone of potato chips. French fries of every description topped with everything imagineable. I don’t even want to think about what happens to the sewer systems after thousands of people have eaten that much melted cheese on so many greasy foods! And of course, a major assortment of food on sticks. What is it about food on a stick that makes it so enjoyable? To our credit, we did not eat any food on sticks. And there was no pizza on a stick, which was a disappointment because I just might have been tempted by that one.
But what DOES a vegan eat at the Florida State Fair? Chocolate dipped bacon, of course! This is a picture of a newspaper article so that you don't think I am making this up.
And a picture of the sign.
And a picture of the item in person, being eaten by said blogger in person.
And she does not eat it alone. Yep, there they are: Nita and Timm, accomplices in crime. In fact, I do believe it was Timm that mosied up to the counter and paid for that plate of heart attack to share with us. Hmmm. If chocolate is GOOD for the heart and bacon is BAD for the heart, maybe they cancel each other out. They just might have something there! How was it? Why, you will just have to try it for yourself and see! We petted goats and looked at cows and talked to geese that had chicken feathers. We saw a circus and walked by some dancing bears that were on their coffee break. We ate a potato chip anemone and strawberry shortcake (I won’t be seeing a real strawberry at home until June at the earliest, and only for a few weeks – the season is quite short). We dipped our bacon in chocolate and carefully avoided the guys trading guesses on weight and age for $10.00 bills. If you win, you get a very expensive $0.50 bear straight from china. If you lose? The entire crowd knows how old and fat you are and your wallet is a bit thinner. We had a wonderful day at the fair. Thank you Nita and Timm!

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Anonymous said...

Ok - when do you sneak across the border and head all that way down to Florida.... and why didn't you stop by my house with some of the chocolate bacon!