Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whose idea was it to rescue this dog?!?!

I forgot what puppies were like


All at once hilarious, exasperating, invigorating, and exhausting.  He ticks me off but cracks me up at the same time.


Every time I try to sit somewhere, he is up and in the spot.  I don't know how many times I have practically squashed him.  And he doesn't budge either.  He could care less that I am flattening him with my behind.  I have pushed him off several times in a row to turn and squash him again.  He is so fast, his feet barely hit the floor before he is back up again and right where I want to sit.


Ruby takes a few tries to get up on something (starts to jump, changes mind, walks it off, walks it off, walks it off, tries again, nope not ready yet, walks it off, walks it off, third try alli-oop!).  This means there is some warning that she is on her way up.  Max?  Your warning is him….. suddenly appearing nose to nose with you.  And he immediately squirms around to position himself so you can hold him like a baby.  Annoying when cups and papers and stuff go flying, but adorable and hilarious at the same time.


He gets into stuff.  And we have a LOT of stuff to get into.  But he is so SNEAKY!  He can take a stuffed animal right out from DD's arms as she is reading and she doesn't even notice until he dances past her later, swinging the stuffie around like a pendant.  If you react ("Hey!") he takes a run for it.  And impossible to catch.  Chasing a pug is like trying to catch a greased pig.  They are faster than they look, and can slink and scrunch and suddenly flatten against the ground making it impossible to make a grab.  It's almost like watching a scene from the Matrix, when the characters do those impossible poses to avoid being hit by bullets.


He rips cardboard.  He rips paper.  He steals things like shoes and socks and stuffed animals.  He keeps pulling the bookmarks out of books and loves to go "shopping" in the bathroom garbage can.  And I think he is getting smarter.  I think he steals one thing so that while I am taking that and hiding it away it gives him the chance to steal what he REALLY wanted.


Last night he pranced by with a clear glass christmas ornament in his mouth (leftover from a Brownie Crafts night).  I got it away from him, but before I was even done putting it on the shelf, he was under the desk ripping up a notebook stolen from DD's backpack.  Bugger.


One of his favourite games is romping on the couch, squirming on it, and racing back and forth until the cushions come off.  If they are being stubborn he gives them a bit of help by burrowing underneath then flipping them off with his back.  He will also purposely knock the pillows off so he can lay on them on the floor.  I will find him laying with his head on a pillow, amid a chaotic mess of couch cushions, with all the toys in a ring around him (He likes to keep the toys arranged.  When he is done with them, he piles them behind the dog bed).  Geesh.  I only went to the BATHROOM for goodness sake!


So far he has eaten a pencil and at least one crayon, several books, countless sections of the newspaper, toilet paper rolls, and my shoes.  He demolished an entire new case of water bottles (and soaked the carpet, the bed, and the couch in the process).  Think it is cute to let your doggie crunch up empty water bottles?  Not so cute when they do the same with FULL ones.  He likes to chew rocks from the backyard.  He found a tree branch from SOMEWHERE and carries it around the backyard like a trophy.


I wonder what carnage awaits me today after work, since between the week-end and the holiday on Monday he has had us home for three straight days.  He figures we should stay home to hold him like a baby and kiss him on the nose EVERY day.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! What a little rascal,but how cute at the same time. Looks like you have your hands (and lap) full.


colleenoz said...

I'm not a big fan of crating dogs, but for his own safety, in case he eats something that's really bad for him, I'd crate him until he grows out of this phase.